Gardening, Home Improvement, Lunch Downtown Colorado Springs, and Fishing in Deckers

I am still irritated that I waited so long to bring my tomato plants out to the junkyard where there’s full sun. I liked them so much on the deck! Anyhow, they totally kicked ass in the past month. They’re huge, even the ones I started from seeds. There are a few tomatoes and lots of flowers but I don’t think I’ll wind up getting much cuz it’s cold now.

The other day was really nice so we went for a long bike ride.

Stopped for lunch at East Coast Deli which for some reason doesn’t have a website. Their egg salad sandwiches are the best thing ever.

Their rueben was really good, too. Not all huge like they can sometimes be.

It was really nice outside on Friday so we went about 45 miles up into the mountains to Deckers and DM did some fishing on the South Platte River. I sat and read magazines on the shore while he fished.

I never trust the weather here so I wore a long sleeved shirt and was way too hot. So DM gave me his tee shirt. LOL. He said he looked like a hillbilly in this outfit with no shirt on, and he did, so I had to have a picture.

He even caught four fish! He threw them back tho.

I made some roasted veggies the other night. I make them all the time but usually just mix them all up in a big pile. This time I separated them and I thought they looked pretty so here they are. Exciting!

Since it’s so cold here today and supposed to get to freezing tonight I brought a bunch of my plants inside. All the herbs I put in the kitchen and the tomatoes I put in the outside hallway. It’s still cold out there but not as bad as the actual outside and it gets pretty decent light from the window. We’ll see. I might put them back outside next week if the weather is nice again. The herbs are probably in for the winter, tho. Hopefully they won’t die in there.

I got this little cart in Amarillo on our way back from Dallas. Cute, huh?

Road Trip To Dallas and Forth Worth, Old Signs, Cats, and Lots Of Food

Dangermike,  the cats and I went to Dallas last week. We took tons of pictures but about half of them mysteriously disappeared. I have no idea how, why, or where. I thought I loaded them all onto the netbook before erasing the cards.  Oh well.

We rented a trailer so that the cats could ride in the car and have room to move around. We also had to bring some stuff back with us that we don’t need at the new place. The settled in right away and were great travelers.

Cookie Puss wasn’t quite sure at first.

The first day we got up really early so about half way to Amarillo we needed to nap at a rest stop. We wanted to sleep for 20 minutes and ended up sleeping for two hours! It was a long day.

PJ checking things out from the passenger seat.

OK this is out of order. I made a float with coffee ice cream and cream soda that I read on The Kitchn. It was not very good. I’ll stick to root beer and vanilla ice cream.

Now Peedge wants to drive.

Cruisin’ with The Dange.


Yummies from Cafe Brazil.

Um. Ok.

We got to Dallas friday night and DM flew out to St.Louis to see his daughter for her birthday on Saturday morning while I did a photo shoot. Sunday I did a shoot at the new studio to get used to it and DM got back to Dallas on Sunday night. We went out drinking at Lee Harvey’s, which I posted on the ole FB- as I mentioned there, I found it without a map or directions, in the dark, after having only been once before and coming from a different direction. I rule. But then DM bought a GPS because aside from that flukey thing, Dallas is IMPOSSIBLE to navigate.
Monday we went to White Rock Lake near downtown Dallas.

Lunch at The Railhead in Fort Worth on Tuesday.

Using the noggin and taking pics of the signs so I can remember the places we eat.

We are sort of obsessed with architectural salvage places now and read that this was a good one, which it was. We got some shelf brackets here.

Then we wandered around Fort Worth and went down to the (touristy) Stockyard area.

Wanted to pop in here for a quick drink before heading back to Dallas.

But it was open mic night and we stayed for the singers who, for the most part were pretty good.

They included a really old dude in spangles.

A guy who looked like the love child of Kenny and Jason Aldean.

Another Kenny-esque performer.

And yet another Kenny lookalike. After sitting and drinking while 15 acts played, we got pretty drunk. Oh well, so much for one drink.

We were in Dallas for a week but like I said, most of my pictures went missing, so here we are heading back to CO already. This is the broken down town- there were several from this set and then tons that went missing. I just don’t get it! It’s menacing me! Anyhow, here are some cute kittens.

DMs new office.

Cookie Puss is supervising the filling of the car with gas.

Dinner in Amarillo. Yum.

The next day we hung out in Amarillo awhile and went to have lunch and to some antique stores. I bought a cute little orange kitchen cart and we ate delicious BBQ at Ribs and More in Amarillo on 6th Ave aka RT. 66.

Random stuff along the highway in Texas.

We came across an old drive in that was no longer. It was really neat so we explored it awhile.

The screen had fallen down. Right on top of a swing set and bent it completely over.

An abandoned church in a mostly abandoned little town in New Mexico.

And finally, another cuuuuuuute kitten. There were like 10 of them living in this old church.