Los Angeles visit: Apple Pan, Getty Center, Bigfoot Lodge, Corner Bar, Casa Bianca, Cacao, Amici, Americana At Brand, Damon’s

The night we got to LA we went out to USC to have drinks with dangermike”s friend Andrew who was out here for work. I think the bar was called something like The Lab. I don’t remember. As DM pointed out, it was way too bright in there. But they were playing Jeopardy on the TV which is always fun.

Pizza from Casa Bianca, a famous pizza place by my house. The wait is usually hours long but since we live nearby we can go at odd hours. This is a fried eggplant pizza. OMG it is awesome. I didn’t have my camera at the restaurant, this was the leftovers the next day.

The next day we went to The Apple Pan in west L.A. Another place that has been around forever and always has a line. They have a very limited menu but it’s all delish.

There are no tables, just a counter that goes all the way around the cooking area. The cooks and waiters have also been there since the dawn of time. DM thinks they’re rude, but they were nice to me. Hee hee.

There’s Eddie looking menaced by something. Probably the dude next to him. So, since it’s a counter, and there’s always a line, there is sort of a way of sitting down so there are no single seats left all by themselves. We wound up sitting down on the corner. Me and Dange on one side and Eddie over there. There is a cash register on the corner so we weren’t even really near each other. So the people next to eddie get up and this old dude in the baseball hat sites down, leaving two empty seats, one on each side of him. Never mind that Dange and I could have moved over there and never mind that there were other people wanting to sit down. Eventually the people next to me got up and there were two seats available for a group of three that was waiting. So I got up and went over to the vacant seat next to Eddie so they could sit down. The seat was next to the old dude. OF COURSE that meant I had to get up and walk over to DM if I wanted to talk to him. Well, this apparently irked old dude to the point of him lecturing me about how every time I get up I knock his seat, which I wasn’t really doing and DUDE, YOU SAT DOWN TOTALLY RUDELY NOT PAYING ANY ATTENTION TO ANYONE AROUND YOU. MOVE OVER. F that shit. I hate stupid rude old people. Ok, anyhow, back to the food.

MMMMMMMMMMMM french fries. Perfectly crispy just how I like them.

I got the steak burger and DM and Eddie got the hickory burger. I don’t remember which one this is, they’re pretty similar.

Finished the meal with the chocolate cream pie.

And the coconut cream pie.

And the banana cream pie.

All of which were of course, totally excellent.

Then we went to The Getty Center to see the Irving Penn exhibit.

The drove down Sunset to the original Guitar Center and checked out their walk fo fame after we checked out all the old cool vintage guitars they have for sale. I guess i don’t know anything about guitars cuz there were a couple that looked like they came from yard sales and they were like $60,000.

Then we all went to a bar by Eddie’s house in Burbank called The Corner Bar. It looks neat on the outside but it was kinda cheezy on the inside and was a full on old man bar, and not in a good way.

Later DM and I went to Bigfoot Lodge in Los Feliz. I love this place. Apparently there’s also one in San Francisco. They need one in Colorado- it’s all woodsy.

Another night we went over to Damon’s in Glendale (OMG what a terrible website). I used to go all the time with my parents but it got sold to someone new and they don’t go anymore. I dunno, it seemed the same to me.

Of course I started with a mai tai, their specialty.

The meals all come with salad and they make it at the table.

DM had the tenderloin I think. Or was it the New York? I dunno, I am not a huge fan of steak.

But I do love me some prime rib, which is what I had.

Then another day my friend Merz came over and we went to a mini 25 year high school reunion at a bar that one of our classmates owns. It’s called The Sidebar and it’s also in Glendale. The bar was pretty cool. The event was ok, I didn’t drink much and was tired.

Cookie Puss likes to look out the window here at the birds and squirrels.

I dunno, I like my little morning glory covered stop sign.

Dinner at The ‘Rents. Me and my two brothers Chris and David.

Lots of apps!

We went to the Xmas Tree lighting at The Americana At Brand a couple weeks ago.  
 There were a variety of acts including the band One Republic. I recognized one of their songs. I thought they were pretty good. Lots of screaming teenagers in the audience.

A few nights later we went back down there again, just mom and dad and me to have dinner at Amici

I had the roast chicken with potatoes and spinach which was really good. Mine’s better, tho.

And tiramisu which was also really good but my dad’s is better.

They have a snow shower every night at 7pm in the winter. LOL.
There’s mom eating a steak. mmmmmm
There’s a new “mexicatessen” in Eagle Rock near my house called Cacao. I heard they had really good coffee drinks so we went there yesterday while I washed a huge bedcover thingie at the laundromat next door.

My brother had the vanilla latte and I had the abuelita’s mocha latte. Both were yummy. The menu looks very interesting so we’re probably going to go back this week and have lunch.


That’s all for now! DM comes back tomorrow for two weeks so I’ll have lots more soon.

Road trip: Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona and California

A couple weeks ago we drove out in the Jeep with the cats from Colorado Springs to L.A. We took three days and stopped in Albuquerque and Phoenix. Here are some pics!

On the road again. Cookie Puss riding shotgun this time.

PJ kept an eye out for Smokies coming up the rear.

First stop: What A Grind in Trinidad, CO. Good coffee and we parked right out front so we could keep an eye on the passengers.

Next stop: Albuquerque. We went to this diner because I had read good things about it, it had a cool sign, and was right on Rt. 66.

It wasn’t very good and they served fake butter, which as you know is one of my major peeves.
The chicken rice soup was really good so I had hope for the rest of the meal.

The jalapeno poppers were greasy, and not in a good way. Like the oil was old. Yuk.

The meatloaf wasn’t horrible but it wasn’t that great. The mashed potatoes weren’t fresh. Not sure if they were from a package or frozen or what but how hard is it to make fresh mashed potatoes in a DINER- sheesh. The veggies were good.

Fake butter!

DM had some kinda Mexican combo plate that he said was also only OK.

See? That face says “only OK”

After dinner we walked around a little bit in the revitalized downtown which wasn’t all that exciting. Then we went back to the La Quinta which we chose because they allow pets in the rooms without any extra fees. The rooms are clean and nice, too.

The next day we went to an old diner downtown called Lindy’s. The use real half and half so they probably use real butter, too!

I didn’t find out about the butter because I didn’t order anything that I needed to put butter on. Plain old scrambled eggs and hash browns. Again, tho, ONLY OK!

DM had corn beef hash, eggs and hashbrowns. I think he enjoyed them. Still, what gives Albuquerque? Next time we go thru on the way back, I have a couple ideas of places to go that I’ve already been to that know are good.

Pretty sunset on the road from Flagstaff to Phoenix.

Oops this is out of order. This is a sign for the Hollywood Bar and Cafe I’ve seen a million times and always been too lazy to stop and shoot. it’s in Trinidad, CO and I think it’s closed now because there was a stabbing or something.

I think this was also in Trinidad.

This too.

Remember when we went to Dallas and I took all those pictures that dissapeared? I took them again. This is in Raton, New Mexico.

So is this.

And this:

Ok, back to the right order. Here we are at Groggy’s in Mesa (Phoenix). This is the bar me and DM used to go to when I first started visiting (stalking) him when he lived out there. Heh.

This is The Ham Bone, another of our old haunts. They’ve fixed it up a little including the sign which used to be broken and when lit up just said “bone dancing”.

Does anyone know this guy!? I recognized him! I didn’t want to tell him that because, hello, I’m not hitting on you, dude. So I made DM ask him where he’s from. He’s from So Cal but not anywhere near where I’m from. However, he also said *I* looked familiar to HIM. WTF? So I thought I’d ask around. Maybe we met thru mutual friends or something.

After the Ham Bone we drove around Mesa to look at other cool signs. I’ve seen this one in books but never in person so that was fun. There were lots more but it was night and I didn’t have a tripod so they were all super blurry. Yea, didn’t have a tripod, that’s it…:)

So that’s it! We went from Phoenix to LA the next day with minimal fanfare. I have lots of pics from when DM was here and he’s coming back again next week so I guess I better make another post or two before then.

El Taco Rey, Ted’s Montana Grill,Three Margaritas, Dogtooth Coffee, Bubba’s in Dallas and Lots of Home Cookin’

This stuff is not in any order- I can’t keep the days straight when I wait so long between posts!

El Taco Rey Colorado Springs. DangerMike did a review of this place the other day.

The weather has been the usual for Colorado- warm, then snowing, then warm, then snowing and so on and so forth. This was a snowy day!

Lunch at Three Margaritas. I’d never been there before! I guess it’s pretty famous. DM had some kind of combo plate and I had spinach enchiladas that were really good. Their chips and salsa are yummy, too. Did not have any margaritas, tho.

Monday I went to Dallas for the day to do a photo shoot. Here’s the world’s best chicken that I toted back on the plane. It’s from Bubba’s Cooks Country in Dallas and it is SO GOOD! I didn’t bring back any sides, just chicken and dinner rolls. Gotta actually go there for the sides cuz they’re too messy to go. This family also has a bunch of other chicken restaurants in Dallas called Babe’s.

Another snowy day. Cart got stuck in the snow in the parking lot at Whole Foods. LOL.

Some home cookin’- this is the beginning of spaghetti red sauce.

Graeter’s ice cream is an Ohio made ice cream. I had it when I went to Ohio and an old friend  brings it to me whenever he visits L.A. and I’m there, too. BUT NOW they sell it at Kroger/King Sooper’s here in COS- isn’t that amazing? It’s so awesome. This flavor is Blackberry Chocolate Chip- their chips are actually huge hunks of chocolate. DM was stunned by the size of this one, so he had to take a picture. LOL.

More home cookin’- this is baked polenta with apple compote.

The other day we went to Ted’s Montana Grill for lunch. They specialize in bison. This guy was looking down at us saying “Dudes, WTF? I’m awesome, why you gotta eat me?”

One of my recent clients brought me a bottle of this German mulled wine type stuff. I warmed it up and had some and it was really good. There was no way I could drink the entire bottle tho so I decided to make a pot roast with it. I marinated it with the wine, some onions, etc. and some herbs. Then cooked it in the liquid.

It was really good. I highly recommend using mulled wine (next time I might try that premade sangria) for pot roast or stew or anything else that calls for red wine.

Two huge meals in a row! We didn’t actually have them in a row, tho! They were a couple weeks apart. Mini Thanksgiving dinner- roast chicken, green beans, and mashed potatoes with gravy.

This whole thing started because I had a half a can of pumpkin left from trying to give to the cats for digestive issues- they didn’t like it so I wanted to do something with the leftover. So I made a pie. And you can’t just have a pumpkin pie. You need the dinner, too.

Last night we went out for like half an hour to a ridiculously crowded bar (Southside Johnny’s). I wore the usual witch costume (no pics, sorry) and DM didn’t dress up. We didn’t even get to drink at the bar cuz it was so crowded. So this morning we woke up early- it was especially early for us because of the time change. It was also super nice out. So we decided to take a bike ride up to Dogtooth Coffee. Had a couple of Americanos and shared a bagel. Then we rode back and on the way a guy from the TV news interviewed me about the weather. LOL. I didn’t watch it because I don’t want to see how hideous I looked with no makeup and after a bike ride and in the AM. EEEEK. At least the guy let me keep my sunglasses on!


We also went to a cafe called Aiga Sofia in Old Colorado City last week. It was really neat but since I don’t have any pictures of it I’ll talk about it next time and get pics then, too. They put vanilla syrup in their hot chocolate, which was delish. Just thought I’d mention that so I don’t forget next time.
We’re leaving for the L.A. road trip on Thursday so next time I post I should have lots of pics from that.