Living Social is a scam

I’ve used Living Social coupons in the past and even recommended that you use them. But today I have changed my mind.

I get them for several cities, including Oklahoma City. This morning I got one for a Flirty Girl Photography there. Whenever I hear about female photographers in other cities, I look them up. Pink Kitty Studios is always looking for freelance photographers to help us out in other places.

So I looked this girl up and what did I see? Several of MY images on her site. Not only on her site, which is really just a blog, but also on another site that featured her photography (the Oklahoma City version of The Knot — I’ve emailed them, too).

You can see them, too if you want to: and

And then you can see the originals here:

Anyhow I attempted to call Living Social, and the number was disconnected. That is not a good sign. What if you had trouble with a coupon you bought (anyone who buys the one for Flirty Girl Photography will have a problem with it!).

Anyhow, I cannot recommend Living Social anymore. Between them obviously not vetting their merchants and having no phone number to call, they are starting to seem like a big old scam.

We’re smart, fit and unemployed!

Colorado Springs has been anointed the 15th smartest city in the nation. Doesn’t surprise me one bit because everywhere I go, I’m astonished by how brilliant everyone seems to be. Fifteenth. Not bad. Of course Boulder is No. 1 and Fort Collins is No. 5. No mention in the survey about Pueblo, though. Poor Pueblo.

Still, despite our striking intelligence (and movie-star looks), the Springs is a terrible place to find work, apparently. You’d think that with all this brainpower, we could somehow figure this economy out and make some jobs happen.

In 2009, Men’s Fitness magazine ranked the Springs the 2nd fittest city in the nation. Only 19 percent of us are “clinically obese”! Gallup says we’re No. 4 on the 10 Least Obese Metro Areas list. Sexy. Fort Collins and Boulder took the Nos. 1 and 2 spots. Forbes lists the Springs in its fittest cities compilation, but what the hell does Forbes know about fitness?

And we’re pretty good here in the COS about exercising our hate muscles, too, as the Springs-based Family Research Institute has been listed on the Southern Poverty Law Center’s hate-groups list. Nice.

But look, you can be fit, smart, exceptionally good-looking, none of it matters if Santa hates you. Thankfully, the folks at Zillow have determined that Colorado Springs is Santa’s favorite city. What a relief, because Wichita is No. 2, and who wants to live in Wichita? Gross.

Again, Pueblo failed to make the list. Poor Pueblo.

Capriotti’s Sandwich Shop: A

You want to eat here. Trust me.

So we’re in Vegas on the way to Los Angeles, and a friend suggests we try Capriotti’s Sandwich Shop. It’s got this sandwich there with turkey, stuffing, cranberry sauce — it’s a sandwich you’ll be interested in trying, he says. And it’s just around the corner from where we’re staying. Win-win.

Now this guy who recommended Capriotti’s, we don’t know him that well. In fact, we just met him, but now that we’ve eaten at Capriotti’s, I trust him with my life. I’m not speaking for Adrienne, but I will let Jason perform heart surgery on me. I trust him that much. And it might come to that. My heart’s not in great shape, and I’m on a budget.

Dining at Hard Rock in Vegas, but talking about Capriotti's.

From left, Jason, Jenie and Adrienne. We're in the Hard Rock for dinner, but conversation soon turns to Capriotti's.

The cheesesteak sandwich at Capriotti's.

The cheesesteak sandwich at Capriotti's is glorious.

The Bobbie sandwich at Capriotti's Sandwich Shop, Las Vegas.

Behold The Bobbie. This sandwich is a masterpiece. Turkey, stuffing, cranberry sauce. It's OK to weep. We understand.

Jenie Vegas, who has found a boyfriend who has directed us to Capriotti's.

Jenie Vegas isn't her real name, of course. She's someone from the Internet, and we don't need to know her real name. Whatever. She has perfect teeth and a boyfriend who directed us to Capriotti's. And for that, we thank her. Thank you, Jenie Vegas. For your taste in men who have good taste in sandwiches.

Capriotti's Sandwich Shop on Urbanspoon

Merry Christmas! I’m eating Mexican food

Not everyone gets to enjoy Christmas off, singing carols with the family, having a snowball fight in the front yard, then retiring to the elegant dining room for turkey and pie. No. Some of us have to grind our souls away at the office and get by with vending machine coffee and whatever food coworkers might have left in the breakroom fridge.

I’m not complaining. Really. It’s nice and quiet here. There might even be time for a nap later. (Just kidding. I do not nap at work. That would go against my Very Earnest Work Ethic.)

At any rate, it was a pleasure that The Flow of Mexico was open on this holiday. It meant that I got to eat something delicious and that the orange on a coworker’s desk is safe for another night. I’d include a link here to the restaurant, but it doesn’t have a website. How does a modern business not have a website? Weird.

Deluxe Burrito from The Flow of Mexico in downtown Colorado Springs.

Deluxe Burrito from The Flow of Mexico in downtown Colorado Springs. Is that Velveeta?