More Colorado Springs Cheeseburgers

So you can get a burger just about anywhere. We covered some of our fave quick ones last month and now I’ll tell you about some of the fancier ones. I prefer burger stand burgers over restaurant burgers, but I didn’t know that until I tried all these restaurant burgers.

The Independent loved the burger at The Famous, giving it the title of The Best Burger In The Springs,  and I know I’m in the minority but I’m just not a fan of The Famous. I haven’t had their actual burger, but I have had their sliders and didn’t really care for them. For one thing, not everything needs to have bacon on it. Frankly, bacon is played out as a condiment. I know we are just discovering it here in The Springs, but believe me, it’s over. Except the bacon at Smiley’s. That stuff is eternal. Secondly, I’m not crazy about the decor in The Famous. They have that annoying faux finish crap on their walls that Springs Orleans does. Hello, 1993 called, they want their look back. It’s like The Famous WANTS to look classic with those tall red leather booths and all, but hasn’t kept up with what classic decor looks like now (hint: it doesn’t include faux finishing of any kind).  And finally, it’s expensive. Too expensive. This isn’t Beverly Hills.

ANYHOW, there are three burgers we’ve tried at three downtown nice restaurants that weren’t The Famous: The Ritz, Nosh, and McKenzie’s Chop House.

My favorite burger was at The Ritz: 15 South Tejon Street, although I prefer the atmosphere at MacKenzie’s and Nosh. The bun was kind of overly fluffy but other than that it was good. The fries are delicious, too.

Cheeseburger at The Ritz

Cheeseburger at The Ritz

Cheeseburger at The Ritz

Cheeseburger at The Ritz

The burgers at Nosh: 121 South Tejon Street, are like all the other food at Nosh, small and kind of weird. Since it’s small and yet tall, it’s kind of hard to eat. Good, tho! The fried onions on top are nice and the fries are pretty tasty, too.

Cheeseburger at Nosh

Cheeseburger at Nosh

French fries at Nosh

French fries at Nosh


MacKenzie’s: 128 South Tejon Street, has a vintage-y retro vibe to it which I really like. They know how to do classic decor! They have a great Happy Hour and really good food. Their burger was just OK, tho and I don’t like those thick cut steak fries. Also, I ordered it medium rare and this is how it came! That’s not what I would consider to be medium rare, At All.

Cheeseburger at MacKenzie's

Cheeseburger at MacKenzie's

Cheeseburger at MacKenzie's
Cheeseburger at MacKenzie’s

These burgers were fine, they were even pretty good, but next time I go to any of these places I won’t be getting burgers. They seem to be the weakest link on all these menus- there are so many other much tastier choices. I’ll stick to Burger Joint burgers from now on.

Our fancy new camper toilet: Cat-approved

When we bought the travel trailer, Adrienne had only a single requirement: It needed a bathroom, with a toilet.

And “bucket,” apparently, doesn’t qualify as a toilet. And also: No toilets from Craigslist.

Fine. So we got this glorious thing from Amazon, and it arrived yesterday.

The Sanitation Equipment Visa 248 Deluxe Portable Toilet

This, my friends, is the Sanitation Equipment Visa 248 Deluxe Portable Toilet. Behold.

PJ the cat approves of the portable toilet.

PJ approved of the toilet right away.


Our continuing mission: Cheeseburgers

Here’s the thing about cheeseburgers: There’s no perfect one. Trying to find The Best is futile, and the right thing to do is to simply try them all. Then try them again.

I like thick, drippy sit-down-restaurant burgers, flimsy drive-in burgers, burgers with a beer. Or a shake. I like chipotle burgers, barbecue burgers, jalapeno burgers. Bison? Sure. I even like the iconic McDonald’s cheeseburger.

We had, at some point, thought we should put together a comprehensive collection of the Springs-area’s cheeseburgers, along with our thoughts on each. But it was too much for us. The cheeseburger landscape here is simply too vast, too overwhelming for this humble blog, though we do address the cheeseburger frequently.

But Bryce Crawford over at the Indy took on the task in this week’s issue. (It’s important to note that Mr. Crawford has the backing of the mainstream media, with a budget of probably thousands and thousands of dollars, so we really can’t compete on that level.)

A few things: One, he didn’t mention Drifter’s, which was a huge mistake. I’m surprised his car wasn’t vandalized. Thankfully, readers pointed out his error. Two, the Indy put this up online as a PDF, virtually guaranteeing that fewer people will read it. Weird. Three: In the entire review, I didn’t see the word unctuous. How can a professional writer talk about cheeseburgers without using unctuous?

All of the puzzling quirks aside, the package shows that the Springs-area cheeseburger is a voyage, an exploration. A shifting and evolving conversation over drinks.

We might not find any answers on this trip; we might not find The Best. But it’s a journey we need to take.

Drifter's cheeseburger

I am never not in the mood for a Drifter's cheeseburger.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day

St. Patrick’s Day has been a week-long event for me.  Saturday was the parade in downtown Colorado Springs, last night was the Jack Quinn’s run with a St. Patrick’s Day theme and today is the actual day itself!

Jack Quinn's Running Club, St. Patrick's Day Edition, Tuesday, March 15th, 2011

Jack Quinn's Running Club, St. Patrick's Day Edition, Tuesday, March 15th, 2011

I don’t think too many places are having specials- it’s one of the busiest nights of the year, after all. But here are three that will have Irish food and live Irish music.

McCabes Tavern: 520 South Tejon Street, (719) 633-3300
All Day Party. The Tim Finnegan band starts at noon. Corn Beef and Cabbage, Bangers and Mash, Shepherd’s Pie and other Irish fare will be available.

Jack Quinn’s:  21 South Tejon Street,  (719)385-0766
Irish bands, Irish step-dancers and pipers provide non-stop entertainment from open to close. After 5 PM on St. Patrick’s Day: $5 cover and no minors allowed

Bands:  County El Paso 11 AM
Blackthorn 12 PM
Whiskey Monkeys 4 PM
Bullet the Blue Sky: A Tribute to U2 7 PM
Brian Clancy and Irish Row 9:30 PM
Big Paddy 9:30 PM

Tony’s Bar:311 N. Tejon
Corned beef & cabbage and Green beer.  Tomcat Trio will be playing live.  No cover charge. 24oz tall boy can of PBR or Miller High Life and a well shot is only $5.00. Or a tap beer and well shot for $4.00. House shot (house calls it) $3.00. Well drink $2.00. Hot dog and a bag of chips $2.00