Since we bought this weird little trailer and wondered aloud on the Internet what it might be, several people have come forward with the same trailer.

It’s exciting. There’s the extra-knowledgeable and super-helpful Chris Springer in Tennessee; a commenter named Woody Toolmaker; a Kim in Iowa, who has a 140 model Play-Mor; the survivalist in the Colorado woods; and of course, us, the Oinkety people in Colorado Springs.

Seems to me like this is enough for a trans-America convoy (slow-moving).

Our trailer is coming along OK — still a lot of work to be done, but we’re enjoying it as-is and thinking about it as a “working trailer,” not a show trailer. He’s not some fancy-pants Airstream who lives all pampered in someone’s yard like a fat, silver poodle. No, this trailer goes into the woods.

We’ve changed the tires, greased the bearings, painted the interior, upholstered the cushions, removed the head-knocker shelf, replaced the “fridge” with a set of drawers, installed a “bathroom” and updated all the hardware inside. Still left to do is the exterior paint, trim removal and seal work, skin replacement on one side, undercarriage, and electrical. We’ll get there. Also, for anyone wanting some advice or information on fixing up these trailers, check out this forum, a veritable treasure trove of knowledge:

Meanwhile, here’s some pics — of ours and yours!

Kim's Play-Mor trailer in Iowa

This is Kim's Play-Mor trailer in Iowa. Seriously adorable. It's a 140 model, so it's a little smaller than ours, but it sure is a looker.


Chris Springer's Play-Mor trailer in Tennessee

Chris Springer's Play-Mor in Tennessee is virtually identical to ours.


The Oinkety Play-Mor trailer at Rampart Reservoir, Colorado

Here's the Oinkety trailer at Rampart Reservoir campground in Colorado. I'm relaxing with a cold beer after hauling in four fish with my new fly rod. Four. Fish. A glorious day.


The interior of our trailer

Here's the interior of our trailer, with the updated paint and upholstery. Curtains to come later.


Ten-four, good buddies. Oinkety over and out.

Victorian Day and some other stuff you might want to do

Looking for something to do this week? Of course you are.

We have a few ideas.

First, there’s Victorian Day on Sunday (June 26) at the Colorado Springs Pioneers Museum downtown. Looks like fun, and it’s free. There will be Victorian dance demonstration, a courtroom “melodrama,” free lemonade and watermelon and some Civil War re-enactors.

Victorian Day at Colorado Springs Pioneers Museum downtown.

You can come to Victorian Day dressed in your best "finery." I wanted to grow my facial hair this way for the event, but someone else who lives in the house vetoed the decision.


On Wednesday (June 29), there’s the second annual whiskey/beer tasting at the Fine Arts Center. The Whiskey for My Men, Beer for My Horses event costs $20 for nonmembers ($15 for FAC members), but if you wear a “big-ass” belt buckle, you can get $5 off admission. There will be samples from Downslope Distilling and Bristol Brewing, with music by Grass It Up, a bluegrass band from Colorado Springs.

After some midweek whiskey drinking, you might want to tone it down a little on Thursday with some Pinon Nut Brown Ale from Bristol Brewing. While the beer is probably outstanding, it’s worth the visit for the food from Blue Sage Catering. We had some of their food at Bristol’s Christmas Ale party. They’re incredible.

On Friday, the first day of July, nearly a hundred longhorn steers will be herded down Tejon Street. Why they’re doing this, I’m not sure — something to do with the rodeo, I guess. Whatever. Not into rodeos, but at noon on Friday, dozens of cows will be tromping along Tejon, so it sounds like something worth seeing.

Longhorn Steer Cattle Drive, downtown Colorado Springs

Yes, excuse me, I'm looking for Zeezo's -- am I on the right street?


July 2-4, if you haven’t had enough bovine entertainment, you can swing on over to Manitou Springs for the Buffalo Barbeque Festival at Soda Springs Park. Of course I’m not sure how entertaining the barbecue is for these bovines, but it sounds delicious.

Two Great Coupons

We went to Jose Muldoon’s last night with some friends and it was super fun. We sat on the patio and I had a veggie taco salad along with (several?!) margaritas. They have a bunch of different kinds of margaritas, unlike some other so -called swanky Mexican restaurants in town. I’ve only ever had their appetizers before, which are fine, but the salad was really good.  And of course the chips are totally addictive.

We call them The Monkees! Our friends at Jose Muldoon's, Colorado Springs

We call them The Monkees! Our friends at Jose Muldoon's, Colorado Springs

Anyhow, here’s a Living Social coupon for $30 worth of food and drinks. It’s good at the downtown location or the Powers Corridor location. I haven’t been to the Powers Corridor one but I heard it’s good. If you go to the downtown one be sure to sit on the patio, it’s really pretty.

Another coincidental Groupon is this one for paint supplies. We have a couple of painting projects going on in our lives this week, so this will come in handy.

These are both really good deals and as always with these deals, you have to buy these coupons today!



Very awesome estate sale in Manitou today through Sunday

717 Manitou Ave, Manitou Springs, CO.

June 16-19

Thursday, Friday, Saturday 9-7, Sunday 10-6

Go to this sale. I know, I never go to things people tell me to go to if they don’t have any pictures or at least a compelling description of it.

But this thing defies description and pictures could not do it justice. Here’s just a little bit of info about it, you really do have to go to get the full effect of what I’m talking about.

First of all it is in a really beautiful old Victorian building that’s on the National Register of Historic Places. Just being in the building, it’s like time has stopped. Original wallpaper, original everything. Like a museum.

The sale is in the top floor apartment- it’s two stories with access to the roof. It’s huge and is in original condition. Like for real original condition. The bathrooms even have original wooden toilets with push button flushers. The ceilings are a million feet high and the woodwork is ornate.

From the flyer: This sale is enormous and everything in it is from generations of one family only. It will take place on four floors of the 1888 Historic Wheeler Building in the heart of Manitou Springs. Included are the contents from the Grand Apartment, formerly the private residence of Charles and Katherine Barsotti, purveyors of Fine Antiques & Furnishings, Rare Books, jewelry and art. Additionally, family heirlooms from the distinguished NYC Barsotti Great Grandparents will be offered.

The stuff that’s for sale is also very old, some Victorian and up to probably 1930. That kind of stuff is not necessarily my style (altho we are getting more into it since we bought the old house) but you can really appreciate the kind of work that went into these unique pieces. Definitely not IKEA.

There’s tons of Colorado ephemera– maps, pamphlets, postcards, and even photographs- some of which I’ve only seen online. Plus many many really old books, artwork and other accessories. There’s also vintage clothing, linens, and jewelry.

If you like old things you have to go to this sale- just to look, even if you aren’t in the market to buy anything. Be sure to look around at the building, the photos on the walls, and all the STUFF. It’s really incredible.

And, even if you aren’t into old things and wonder why people are, you should go. To see all this stuff in its original context is really a dazzling experience– and not one you come across very often anymore. You might be able to get why we’re so nuts about historic preservation.

Gold Hill Java, downtown Colorado Springs

There’s a great new cafe called Gold Hill Java downtown on the corner of Tejon and Boulder, where that Boulder Street Roasters place used to be. Their original location is in Woodland Park, so you may have heard of it before.

We stopped in today for a cafe latte and an Italian cream soda. They have four sizes of coffee drinks, which was good for me today because I was able to get a small 8 oz. latte. I had been drinking coffee all morning plus we just had lunch so I was too full for a big old coffee drink.

8 oz. cafe latte and Italian cream soda from Gold Hill Java, downtown Colorado Springs

8 oz. cafe latte and Italian cream soda from Gold Hill Java, downtown Colorado Springs

They have a huge menu of drinks but they also have my fave, about 8 different food items that you can order as either  a sandwich, a wrap, a salad, or a pizza. And they have ice cream and house made baked goods, too. One of their special baked goods is a daily bread pudding special. Bread pudding is good, but that’s a strange thing to have a different one of everyday. I’ll have to try it to see what it’s all about!

Gold Hill Java, downtown Colorado Springs

Gold Hill Java, downtown Colorado Springs

They also make affogato, which is an awesome drink made with vanilla ice cream and espresso. I haven’t seen it too many places so I’m pretty happy they have it so nearby. The special affogato this month also includes hot fudge in it. Wow. Speaking of fudge, they also have a bunch of different house made fudges. LOL. Fudges, is that a word?

They also roast their own coffee beans, which must have been what my dad and I smelled when we left the house the other day when my parents were visiting. My dad asked if there was a coffee roasting place nearby and I said I didn’t think so. But I guess that was it.

The decor is cute enough, MUCH better than what was there before. Also, there seem to be fewer people loitering outside which was always annoying.

They don’t have the greatest hours, Sunday through Thursday til 7 pm and Friday and Saturday til 9 pm. I wish cafes here would stay open late every night. And by late I mean till at least midnight. But I don’t know any here that do, so, we’ll have to take what we can get. Also, free wifi.

Gold Hill Java, downtown Colorado Springs

Gold Hill Java, downtown Colorado Springs

Overall this is a welcome addition to this part of downtown and I am looking forward to going back many times. Let us know what you think of it if you go!