Boulder, Colorado, downtown Colorado Springs apartment, family visit

So yea, I’m still alive. Barely. Been busy the past month. Family came to visit, DM and I went to LA for Xmas, we moved to a new apartment, I’ve been sick with the flu for 2 weeks (feeling better now) including the week we actually moved. Lots of work to be done on the new place cuz the landlord doesn’t seem to want to actually take care of his place, which of course we didn’t know until AFTER we moved in. I’ll have stories. Oh well, still cheaper and less work than owning a place! We considered buying something for awhile there but changed our minds unless the perfect house in the perfect location at the perfect price shows up. We’re pretty picky about all that so I doubt it will happen. I have pictures but my external harddrive somehow stopped working.  So here are some random pictures that I happen to have on my computer.

I can’t remember when now, but at some point The Dange and I went up to Boulder for a couple days. Did I already post about this? We shopped for junk and antiques but didn’t get anything. We had a great lunch accidentally because we were about to run out of gas and this excellent little restaurant (Crane Hollow Cafe) was across the street from the only gas station within miles and miles. It was fully retro, you pump the gas BEFORE you pay, sheesh. Anyhow I had some tomato soup and a chicken salad sandwich with all sorts of goodies in it and DM had a fancy steak sandwich with a nice mixed green salad. He had lemon cake with berries and I had blueberry peach pie with ice cream for dessert.

Family Xmas picture. My idea to make it so dorky. Oh well.

Mid December The ‘Rents came to visit. Of course it was the coldest day on record since like 1899 at 0 during the day and -7 overnight. Still, we met up with an old friend of theirs who lives here now and went on a nice long hike. It wasn’t 0 this day, it was a warmed up 30 or so.

Here’s our new apartment. It’s a funky carved up Victorian right downtown. Our downtown is not like some big thing, it’s only a few blocks, but it’s fun to be walking distance to all our fave bars, restaurants and cafes. Plus we intend to make it sort of “loft”ish. We’ll see. The kitchen has ridiculous carpet in it because the landlord isn’t interested in refinishing the floor or putting down vinyl. The bathroom and hallway had GREEN SHAG CARPET. Yea, NO. I cannot have green shag carpet in the bathroom. Absolutely not. He had said he would take up the carpet before we moved in but didn’t and then said he never said he’d do that. He probably STARTED to but then realized how much work it would be to fix it, as you can see. Altho he could have had some vinyl laid by a professional for not much money. ANYHOW, we’re going to paint it red. In fact I’ve already done the primer and one coat of paint. Last week DM spent a day ripping out the old carpet, gross pad, a layer of 70s vinyl and a layer of 40s linoleum. Then we sanded it, patched it, primed it and painted it. It needs two more coats of paint at least. I’m not so sure about the red I chose. Originally I chose it because I wanted to also do the kitchen floor and wanted it all to match but now I think the kitchen floor will be just way too much work. The red in the bathroom sorta takes away from the pink walls. I dunno. I’m gonna come up with a fake floor of some kind for the kitchen for my photo shoots. I’ve built like a million sets working for Playboy so it shouldn’t be too hard to get into that mindset. The landlord also said we could paint the kitchen walls but now says we can only paint if we paint it back. Forget that crap. So we’re stuck with a brown kitchen with brown carpet. We’ll see if my mad decorating skillz can take on this challenge. This stuff is just here because it’s what I have so far. It will all be changed and refined at some point. But one project at a time, and that current project is the bathroom.

The bedroom isn’t too bad. We just need to touch up some of the paint, get a new bed, and some white curtains. I like the airy all white look. We also need a dresser or armoire because we have to have the clothes in the bedroom. I haven’t had clothes in the bedroom since I was a kid. Everywhere else I’ve lived has either been so funky that it had an extra room or alcove for a dressingroom, or was a carved up Victorian in which I lived in the diningroom or something that had no closet or a very small closet. Even in my normal LA house I have a dressingroom because the bedroom is absurdly small and pretty much only fits a bed. Anyhow, this room is big with a big closet so we just need something for the folded stuff and to hold the TV.

Here’s Old Man PJ doing what he likes to do- lounging on the bed. He’ll be 15 in a couple months and is still usually pretty spry. He has bad days tho because he suffers from Chronic Renal Failure which produces intermittant symptoms.

So that’s it then. I’ll post more pics when I get ’em.