All kinds of Colorado Springs Things

So despite the crazy weather (it poured down rain like mad about 2 minutes after I took this picture)

And the rain every single afternoon and evening.

We decided to go camping on DMs three-day weekend last week. We took almost the entire day on Wednesday getting ready to go. Towards the end of the planning and packing I took a break with a Lynchburg Lemonade. I used Old Grand Dad whiskey so I guess it wasn’t really a LYNCHBURG lemonade. But it was still good.

Thursday morning the weather forecast was for sun. Yay! We started out at The Donut Mill in Woodland Park. It gets great reviews and wins Best Of…all the time. Since Dunkin Donuts blows now, we’ve been looking for some new ones. These are a little far away which is good and bad. Anyhow, they were delish.

We got to the camping spot at about 2:30 and the chick at the gate said there were no more spots available. I found this hard to believe since check in time is 2:00. So we went down into the campground and sure enough there were TONS of spots. Um, yea, ok, lady. We set up real quick so DM could go fishing.

We brought two cans of mace bear repelent and a loud anti bear horn. Better safe than sorry!
We also brought bedding from home because I don’t like icky old sleeping bags and that kind of thing. I need my tent to be CLASSY, you know?

Some scenery on our way down this insanely steep and rocky trail to the resevoir.

There are tons of wildflowers (and moths and lady bugs and spiders) this year because of all the early rain we got and are still getting.

This is the state flower, the Columbine. I’ve been growing them in pots at home but they haven’t flowered yet.

I brought magazines to read while DM did some fishing.

We were down there for an hour or so and it started getting really windy. REALLY windy. So we hiked back up to the campground. This took maybe 20 minutes. By the time we got up there it had started to rain. We left the water just in time. Still, it was raining. We gathered whatever needed to be out of the wet and put it in the car. I was thinking ahead when we arrived and didn’t even unpack everything. Then we went and sat in the car and had some snacks. Soon it really started coming down, complete with lightning and thunder. But the forecast said sunny!

At some point DM checked on the tent (which he had taken hours to seal up the day before) and it was soaked. The seams he had sealed were tight but the water was just dripping in from the roof. The rain fly was not working as it should. So he gathered all our stuff and together we picked up the tent and threw it in the dumpster. Bah! Then we went home. It was really super annoying but at least it’s only about 40 minutes away. When we got home we saw this.

A baby raccoon in the eaves of the house! So cuuuuuuuuuuute! The baby raccoon will make an appearance again at the end of this post.
Anyhow our upstairs neighbor (who we hate) had his windows open so we were hoping the baby raccoon would sneak in and chew his face off in the night. It didn’t happen.

The next day it was bright and sunny again so we went back up to the area we were the day before to check out some other lakes I had seen on the map. They were all fenced off and gated. WTF? One of them just had a car gate but you could walk out there, which we did. As we got closer, there WAS a regular gate as well. Totally lame. Anyhow it was a nice walk.

Of course after a few minutes it started to rain again so we went back down the hill. We went to the sporting good store to see if we could find another tent and maybe a canopy. A canopy would have been a great thing to have because we could have sat under it, cooked, etc and wouldn’t have had to leave. I’m not sure those things are waterproof tho so we wanted to also check that out at the sporting goods store. We never did figure it out. Does anyone know? Anyhow on the way there I got a call from one of my friends who was working at a bar sort of near the store and she wanted us to stop in so we did. Since we live in Colorado I’ve been trying to get DM to drink Coors. Sheesh. So lately he has been. The retro original kind, not the new fancy ones. I had a Jack and Coke. DM also had a Maker’s Mark.

After the bar we stopped off at the liquor store and while we were there took some cool shots of some of the stuff nearby. We also found out the the next day was a big multi block multi family yard sale we wanted to go to. We did go to it, and I got a retro salt and pepper shaker set for a dollar. Woohoo. It was a really nice day and it was fun to walk around in the swanky old part of town (which is really only a couple of blocks from where we live anyway- we like to bike up there) ANYHOW, back to business.

After that we decided to come home and cook up the stuff we brought to the camping trip but didn’t get to eat. I started getting it all ready while drinking another faux Lynchburg Lemonade.

While DM set up the portable grill out on the deck.

We made flatiron steak on the grill and hobo potatoes and “roasted” corn in the oven.

Here is Cookie Puss in all his glory. All 18 pounds of him. “I’m not fat, I’m big boned”.

He really hates being picked up. So we do it all the time.

I also sauteed some onions and mushrooms to go with the steak. Overall it was very tasty- woulda been better if we were CAMPING but oh well.

Here are some other random pics from this week.
DM was feeling sick one night so I made him some homemade chicken soup.

One perk of the crazy weather is stuff like this:

Today I went to Target and it was sunny and hot. When I got out of Target 20 minutes later it was pouring down insane rain. Are you seeing a pattern here? Anyhow I was soaked from walking to the car so when I got back I made a decaf cafe au lait using my brand new stovetop milk steamer that DM gave me for my birthday. It was delish.

That’s all for now! Maybe more next week.
Oh yea, the baby raccoon.
When I got back from Target it was still raining but not as hard as it was. I heard a yelping noise like a dog makes when it’s hurt. It went on and on and on so I went outside to investigate. I didn’t see any dog anywhere so I came back in the house. The noise was still going on so I went out to the deck and looked down into the yard from the deck (about 5 feet down) and it was the baby raccoon! He was going nuts with the yowling. I didn’t know if he was cold or hurt or wet or what. He didn’t look hurt. I talked to him a little bit and he stopped making the noise and looked like he was trying to come up onto the deck. I went back in the house to see if I should do anything then went back to check on him. He was gone but out of the corner of my eye I saw something and when I looked over it was the mother raccooon leading the baby raccoon up a tree and over the fence to the parking lot of the restaurant next door. OMG it was sooooooooo cute. I guess the little guy had somehow escaped from the nest or something and gotten lost and was crying for it’s mother. I ran back inside to get the camera but they were long gone by the time I got back. I think they might live under the deck or under the house.

Ok NOW that’s really all.