My Little Colorado Garden

My little garden is doing ok. Considering it rains every single day- and I mean RAIN, like inches of rain. With wind, hail, the works. Plus something is eating my basil.

Helen Hunt Falls. Which weren’t nearly as spectacular as Seven Falls. There were a lot of people up there, too so we didn’t stay long.

Instead we drove down Gold Camp Road and checked out the view. Later it started storming like mad at like midnight so we went back up to watch all the lightning. We sat on the hood of the car under a blanket. It wasn’t raining or even that cold. It was pretty neat. When we got back down it had poured rain- there were puddles everywhere. From up above we couldn’t really tell where the storms were- there were like three of them- apparently they were just down below.

Recently I read a thing on a blog about sleeping porches and wanted one to nap on. DM refused to bring the futon out for me since it rains so damn much here, so this is what we did instead. It was nice!

I also read a story about granitas- I made one out of white wine and some other ingredients I can’t remember now. It was tasty. Next time I’ll use a real recipe maybe.

I also can’t remember the name of the really great Thai restaurant we went to. This is curry chicken. Yum.

The Pikes Peak Hill Climb was this month. It’s a famous car race up Pikes Peak. The night before there’s a party in the street downtown for all the racers. These guys did tricks on their motorcycles off a ramp they set up in the middle of Tejon Street.

After the party we went to Metropolitain and had some drinks.

The End.
More Later.