A Perfect Fall Day

We went out to the country and picked ourselves some apples.
It was niiiice out, sunny and about 75 degrees.
After dual headaches, getting lost, and then spending some quality time with a sandwich and a cup of coffee in a Kwik Stop we finally got to an orchard!

As you can see, Farmer Dange was thrilled. Actually I think he had an OK time.

Perplexed? Annoyed? We may never know. But that apple sure was yummy!

We passed by a pumpkin patch but it wasn’t open.

More pumpkins.

The best apple turnover I’ve had in awhile. I’ll probably have dreams about it.

Now I’m making braised pork in apple cider, homemade applesauce, brocolli and potatoes for dinner. I’m sure there will be pics later…:)