Armon’s, Cacao, Eagle Rock Italian Deli, Cafe Beaujolais, Colombo’s, Great White Hut, The Good Egg Phoenix, Pan Quotidion, Downtown Los Angeles, Grand Central Market

Spicy Latte from Cacao in Eagle Rock. Super delish but maybe too spicy for some.

We also had breakfast there this time while we did laundry next door. My dryer broke, OF COURSE and since my new tenant has her own washer/dryer I didn’t bother to replace mine so it was off to the laundromat a whole bunch of times.

DM had some kind of burrito which he enjoyed.

I had the breakfast quesadilla. It had eggs, cheese and mushrooms in it and was served with potatoes. It was light yet filling, perfect for breakfast.

Breakfast at my fave diner Armon’s in Eagle Rock.

DM had the cheeseburger which is usually my fave.

While I opted for their pancakes. Some people say they are “chewy”. Whatever that means. I say they are the best in LA! Even better than DuPars.

At some point we made pizzas on my pizza stone. They weren’t any better than on the $5 Walmart pan. I left it at my parent’s house. They like that kinda thing and will probably use it a lot. This one is carmelized onions, cheese, and mushrooms.

Also had to make the usual weird one! Carmelized onions, cheese, salad, and hummus. You’ve seen this one before.

And then plain cheese and tomato sauce. I don’t think we made all these on the same night but it was awhile ago now and I have a memory of about 5 minutes so I can’t tell you mcuh more.

One night we went down to Colorado Wine Company for a glass of wine, then on to Cafe Beaujolais for creme brulee and more wine. It’s a nice yet affordable neighborhood French restaurant in Eagle Rock. It’s been there a million years and is very popular.

After THAT we went to Colombo’s. You all know allll about Colombo’s. I had to have a pic of DM in front of one of the naked lady paintings.

And apparently we also had french fries which I have no recollection of.

The Great White Hut has been in Glendale for ten thousand years. I even did a photo shoot for Playboy there one time in the mid 90s.

Glamour Shots at the buger joint.

MMMM french fries. They weren’t as good as they look.

Cheeeeeseburgers. Were as good as they looked. Plus the people who run it are super nice. Highly recommended.

 Walked to the Eagle Rock Italian Deli one day. I’ve never walked there before even tho it’s only like 4 blocks away. I am used to walking places now that we live downtown COS so I like to walk now.

DM had a mortadella sandwich which he’d never had before. He gave it a thumbs up while scarfing it down.

I had what I always have, a caprese sandwich, AKA a tomato and fresh mozerella sandwich.

Also some salads.

And of course some pastries.

One day we had to go to Phoenix to check on DMs condo. That was quite the ordeal. We packed the cats in the car and took off one day and came back the next. Cookie Puss was a big scaredy cat this day so he ung out under the dashboard. I put this scarf up for him so he could hide behind it, too.

PJ was his usual mellow self.

And OMG we fully almost ran out of gas! We drove with it on 0 for like 3 miles. I was totally freaked out cuz we were pretty much in the middle of nowhere. DM looked up (on his new Droid) how to do that thing were you can increase your gas mileage by following a truck. I did that and we somehow made it to a gas station.

His condo was a mess of course. The chick who lived there was another scumbag. Here’s DM trying to look cheerful as he disposes of her shit.

We did get to have a yummy breakfast at The Good Egg in Phoenix. I had huevos rancheros which is my fave.

DM had some kind of omlette thing which was pretty close to my thing. They were both really good.

Here we are on the metro in LA. We took a ride downtown one day.

It looks warm but it was really cold. It was a rare 40 degree day in LA and we were totally unprepared in our dress.

Had some pupusas at Grand Central Market. It was fun and they were tasty.

Cheese and mushroom.

Cheese and jalapeno.

This sign cracked me up. Mmmm. Economy.

Then we went across the street to The Biltmore Hotel. They film a lot of Mad Men and they used to fil a lot of West Wing there so DM wanted to see it. We had a couple of whiskeys in their bar.

Weird random Cookie Puss shot.

 After The Biltmore we went back to Grand Central Market to have some Chinese food. There’s this little place there that I’ve ALWAYS wanted to go to. But this time, once we sat down I was sorta skeeved out by the whole thing. I dunno…something about it was kinda gross. Not dirty per se, just creepy. I have no idea why and people must love it cuz it’s been there since the dawn of time and is always crowded.
DM had fried rice.

I had wonton soup. It was ok. But I think I ate a chicken foot early on and that was enough to send me packing. Glad I got that place out of my system tho.

After THAT we took the metro back to Pasadena and I was still feeling skeeved by the chicken foot so we went to Cheesecake Factory for drinks and cheesecake. I forgot that everything there is totally over the top. This was some crazy drink that I thought would be normal when I ordered it.

DM drinking a whiskey in a stupid glass. He is unhappy about it.

Banana cream cheesecake. OMG. This is the best thing ever. You have to have it! it seems like sort of uninteresting when you see it on the menu but it is AWESOME. My nephew ordered it once when I was with him and the whole table went BANANAS for it! Seriously. Have it.

Another day we decided to go Xmas shopping in Pasadena. We had coffees and croissants at Pan Quotidion on Colorado in Pasadena.

Here’s DM with his new girlfriend The Droid.

I thought this was kinda cute. And coffee in a bowl. I happen to like this.

But DM was beside himself.


DM had a roast beef sandwich (I think it was a french dip) that he liked a great deal.
It’s really good and all but it’s kinda lame that the To Go prices are like half of the Sit Down And Eat prices.

For lunch DM asked his new girlfriend where we should go nearby. She suggested this place, Elements Kitchen, on Green Street and Fair Oaks.

They had a chalkboard menu for breakfast and a normal paper menu for lunch. We had lunch. I was trying to decide between two things, a fig and blue cheese sandwich and a brie and pear sandwich. I had decided on the brie and pear but they borught me the fig and blue. I didn’t even notice till I was almost done with it. Good thing I’m not picky! Anyhow, of course it was really good. And the salad it came with was, too.




Later (or maybe it was another day) we went to The Coffee Table in Eagle Rock. I had coffee and a red velvet cupcake (I am so trendy) and he had a beer. We needed to decompress and this worked great.
So remember when we were at the Italian Deli awhile back? Well I saw these extra long spaghettis there. I became obsessed. So one day we were passing by a different Italian deli (Marios in Glendale where I’ve been going since I was a wee tot) and stopped in and bought some.
It is really really really long. And a little thicker than normal spaghetti. When cooked it’s got to be at least a yard long. Fun!


One day we went to Petit Beaujolais which is the cafe version of the French restaurant we went to awhile back.

These are not pictures of me as you may think.

They are pictures of the guy behind me, who apparently is the singer of Rage Against The Machine. So there, you go.

I had a chicken panini and salad which was soooooooooooooooo good. I think it was the best meal in this post.

DM had a dijon burger which was alwo excellent.

Alas, eventually it was time for DM to go home. We stopped at In and Out for some burgers and fries on the way to the airport.

In N Out!


I have no idea what this is. Obviously it’s french fries. I don’t know where or why I have a picture of it tho.