Aspen, Buena Vista, Maroon Bells, Crested Butte

Much delayed Aspen post
For my birthday weekend (a month ago!) we went up to Aspen. Check it behind the cut.

First stop: Buena Vista which is pronounced Byoona Vista because people in Colorado are somethin’ else.

Had a picnic of fruit salad, tuna sandwiches, roasted lima bean salad, and brownies. Because of the high altitude the brownies were mostly crust, which according to DM is the best part anyway.

There was a pretty blue sky

And a little creek going thru the park. I wandered around while DM napped. He was starting to get a headache.

Funky old motel cabins. We peeked in the windows and they’re funky and 50’s inside so we totally want to come back and stay. They aren’t really in BV tho and they aren’t quite to the next town (Twin Lakes) either, so we’ll see.

Random waterfall on the road.

Scary! No guard rail despite the crazy drop!

The Continental Divide. For some reason I decided to pledge allegiance to the flag here.

Hrm, no flag. Oh well.

Here’s a more normal picture.

Again with the problems. Ok yea, the snow is cold on bare feet but that’s no excuse for this maneuver.


Now it’s DMs turn to look like a dork.

Aspen trees at 50 MPG. DM: “If you want I can stop so you can take a picture” Me: “No, it’s cool this way!”

I was fascinated with the snow melt and runoff onto the road. I probably took 30 pictures just like this one.

Ahhhh the destination. The Maroon Bells, the most photographed mountains in Colorado. They were really pretty and it wasn’t crowded at all.

DM looks annoyed here because I guess I was taking forever doing this picture and a line was forming to get by me. Ooops.

Aspen trees at 0 MPH.

It was all fun and games up till here. Then it all went south. The condo we stayed in was a monument to the 70s. I’ve never seen such a pristine, off the showroom floor stove specimen!

The bed that LOOKS comfy but was (a) a full sized (who does this anymore?) and (b) hard as the proverbial rock. I slept on the couch. Which was not fun since despite the couch being a pull out (I didn’t pull it out) there were no extra sheets So I slept with the bedspread and probably got 14 new diseases from it. Did I mention that DM had a headache? It was a full blown migraine by the time we go to the condo and even a nap didn’t cure it.

We did have lilacs (my fave!) out our back door and a view of the ski lift.

Out front were the most gigantic poppies I’ve ever seen. Dude.

I must take a break from the pictures now to describe the hell hole that is Aspen. It’s packed full of swanky shops. Not exciting to me since I come from the land of swanky shops (L.A.). Not sure who it’s exciting to since the only people who can afford those things also come from there or other places with that stuff readily available. It’s perplexing to say the least. Aspen was crowded (even tho it was summer) the people were your typical southern california annoying rich people types. The people who worked in places were rude and obnoxious. Everything was outrageously expensive. I expected expensive cuz duh, it’s Aspen. But this was ABSURD. I don’t mind expensive but if it’s going to be that, it had better be good. The stuff here was not only not good, it was awful. We went to Hotel Jerome’s bar for a drink. It was packed with idiot tourists in “Aspen” sweatshirts and flip flops. This is supposed to be a swanky place. We ordered some drinks which were brought to us right away. Then we ordered some food. Food by the way, that I was not the least bit excited about having ordered. We waited. And waited. And waited. The waitress never came back. She was nowhere to be found. Finally after about half an hour we left. Yep, didn’t pay for our drinks, didn’t cancel our food order, just left. Screw you shitty service. Then we went up to another pub type place I had read about. It looked good. Not crowded. We sat down. And waited. And waited. The waitress was busy chatting up some dude at the bar. DM got up to get some drinks from the bartender. As soon as the bartended saw DM he turned around and started fiddling with something. Ok, see ya. We were outta there. On to a mediorce pizza joint that gave DM food poisoning. So not only did he have a raging migraine all night long, but he also had major food poisoning. ANYHOW Aspen is NO BUENO (or Byoono as they say here in Colorado). Here’s a picture of some pretty flowers and a Range Rover. That about sums up Aspen: A really pretty place filled with assholes. This was taken in front of the place we had breakfast. Or should I say a plate of $10 cold eggs. People all around us were sending their stuff back. I usually hate that shit but these Aspen people need to be taken down a notch. Everyone should have sent their stuff back then demanded it for free in my opinion.

After we left Aspen (as quickly as we could) we went down to a little town where I had read they have a monthly flea market/antiques fair. I thought it would be fun to get some junky junk along the way on this trip. Alas, the thing I read must have been really old because some people we talked to said they hadn’t had that market in years. Hey, internet: update your shit, yo. Anyhow, here was a pretty waterfall and yadda yadda yadda.

After this poor DM (a trouper, I tell ya!) finally had to sleep. So I drove the rest of the way (including 20 miles of gravel road that was a “shortcut”) while he slept.
I stopped in Crested Butte to stretch a little and check out the town. There was a wildflower festival we wanted to go to there a few weeks after the Aspen trip. But altho the town was cute, it wasn’t that thrilling and we decided we hate festivals anyhow so we didn’t go. Got enough of it in the 20 minutes we were there. Annoying snowboarder types all over the place. I guess they’re annoying mountain biker types in the summer. Yaaaahhhhh Bro!

Passed The Continental Divide again on the way back. These annoying chicks took fucking FOREVER to take each other’s pictures with the stupid sign. And altho they saw me and could tell I just wanted to snap a quicky, they refused to move any faster or get out of the goddamned way. So now I have a picture of two stupid ugly chicks in front of the Continental Divide sign. Go me!

This trip was more or less sucky. I decided to quit with the trips for awhile because everything is soooooooooooo expensive these days (including gas, duh) that nothing is worth the cost. We went back up to Buena Vista for a day trip yesterday and it also mostly sucked too (but don’t worry, you’ll get pics and enchanting commentary about that as well here in a bit!). I dunno what to do for recreation anymore.
If you want to see an Aspen post from some people who are actually happy and enjoy life go here. She’s a great photogapher and all around cheery person so you’ll enjoy the contrast to my post about the same subject. At the moment all her pictures are broken. Not sure why but I’m sure she’ll fix them soon.