AutoZone is awesome- zone.

Mike broke my car today, sheesh.  So after a few calls to my brother the Jeep expert we decided to head over to AutoZone at 2455 E. Platte to get the battery looked at. They tested it (for free) and it was indeed dead.

I didn’t remember, but the battery was from there, from one of their L.A. stores. So the helpful employee there looked me up in the computer and despite the fact that my name was wrong in their system managed to find that I had a warranty on it- it’s 5 years old and they have some kind of crazy 7 year pro-rated warranty- and so I got a brand new one (list price $115) for only $49.

So we brought it home and hooked it up. The guy said to come back so he could test the charging system since this was such a weird thing that happened. They do that for free, too. He said it was fine but that maybe the alternator was acting up intermittantly and told us what to look for in the future.

While he was testing the system we were discussing how the things that hold the hood up were broken. I know, and Mike has been bugging me to replace them for like ever.  Anyhow, I bought some new ones ($35) so Mike could finally replace them but the guy who sold them to us said he’d replace them for free right then. Of course it only took like 2 minutes, but still, they totally don’t have to do that kind of thing and they do. I got a quote from a mechanic, along with a bunch of other quotes for other things, that was over $100 for that repair.

Anyhow, they do all these free tests for you, they help you figure out what’s wrong, they pretty much show you how to fix it, and in some cases will replace little things for you for free.

That’s awesome!