Capriotti’s Sandwich Shop: A

You want to eat here. Trust me.

So we’re in Vegas on the way to Los Angeles, and a friend suggests we try Capriotti’s Sandwich Shop. It’s got this sandwich there with turkey, stuffing, cranberry sauce — it’s a sandwich you’ll be interested in trying, he says. And it’s just around the corner from where we’re staying. Win-win.

Now this guy who recommended Capriotti’s, we don’t know him that well. In fact, we just met him, but now that we’ve eaten at Capriotti’s, I trust him with my life. I’m not speaking for Adrienne, but I will let Jason perform heart surgery on me. I trust him that much. And it might come to that. My heart’s not in great shape, and I’m on a budget.

Dining at Hard Rock in Vegas, but talking about Capriotti's.
From left, Jason, Jenie and Adrienne. We're in the Hard Rock for dinner, but conversation soon turns to Capriotti's.
The cheesesteak sandwich at Capriotti's.
The cheesesteak sandwich at Capriotti's is glorious.
The Bobbie sandwich at Capriotti's Sandwich Shop, Las Vegas.
Behold The Bobbie. This sandwich is a masterpiece. Turkey, stuffing, cranberry sauce. It's OK to weep. We understand.
Jenie Vegas, who has found a boyfriend who has directed us to Capriotti's.
Jenie Vegas isn't her real name, of course. She's someone from the Internet, and we don't need to know her real name. Whatever. She has perfect teeth and a boyfriend who directed us to Capriotti's. And for that, we thank her. Thank you, Jenie Vegas. For your taste in men who have good taste in sandwiches.

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