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Casseroles are tasty. And they’ve always been considered to be easy to make and convenient. Maybe if you make them with boxed noodles and canned soup they’re easy but not if you make them from scratch.

Awhile back I made this tuna casserole for DM. He loves Tuna Helper which is gross and full of chemicals so I thought maybe he’d like a REAL tuna casserole. He did! So recently I thought I’d make it again but with some changes.

I used chicken instead of tuna and added peas and asparagus.

Chicken prepared for a casserole
Sauteed mushrooms
Sauteed mushrooms

It was really good!

Chicken Vegetable Casserole
Chicken Vegetable Casserole

But it took over an hour to assemble and another hour in the oven. Plus it used like a million dishes!

Here are the ones I remember, there were probably even more.

Sauté pan.

Cutting board.


Bowls to hold each ingredient (maybe 10 of them!)

Sauce pan.

Pasta pot.

Cheese grater.

Measuring cups.

Measuring spoons.

Slotted spoon.


Casserole dish.

Casseroles use lots of dishes
Casseroles use lots of dishes

So anyway, casseroles (this one in particular) are really good and easy to adapt to whatever you have in the house. But they’re really time consuming so don’t try to make one in a hurry!