Century Chem-Dry Colorado Springs

I really don’t like having to say bad things about locally owned small businesses. But sometimes, when the service is really really awful, I have to. That’s what happened with Century Chem-Dry on Betty and Academy.

I have a pretty needlepoint area rug that needed cleaning.

The guy I talked to when I dropped it off on Sept. 1 said they usually say it will take a week but he’d probably have it ready in just a few days and it would cost $90. A week went by and I called and it wasn’t ready. Three weeks went by, still not ready. A month went by and finally it was ready.

I went to  pick it up today (October 6) and it was barely clean- it still looked very shabby and not vibrant. The back side wasn’t clean at all. I mean, not. at. all.

I told the lady in the office that it wasn’t acceptable and she told me to keep it there another day so she could talk to the manager. No, you’re not keeping it another day after having it for over a month already.

She offered to charge me “only” $90 and not charge me for the “extra chemicals”. The original quote I got did not include any extra chemicals, so as far as I was concerned I would only be responsible for $90 and if she wanted to give me a discount it would have to be off the $90.

Of course she had to argue with me.

I told her I’d take the rug home and the manager could call me. Why he wasn’t available during business hours to be reached I have no idea.

She then threatened to charge my credit card (I didn’t remember if I had given it to them as a deposit or what) if I took the rug. That was it for me. I told her I was leaving and took my rug to the car. I told her if she charged my credit card I would call my bank and have it charged back.

Finally she tried to get another manager. This manager came out and was very nice as far as tone of voice and attitude. She was apologetic about how long it took.  BUT she did the worst thing a business can do which was to try and justify it all. Claimed that they always take 2 weeks minimum. Well, that’s not what your guy said when I dropped it off, so get your employee’s acts together. Furthermore, even if it was two weeks, they had my rug for over a month. And it wasn’t even clean!

She was still attempting to argue with me when I said I’d give her $40. She agreed. Too bad that had to be MY idea and after soooooo much hassle.

I really shouldn’t have had to pay anything at all due to the timeframe and the quality. The first person I talked to when I picked it up today should have offered me a discount (or no charge) or gotten someone else down there immediately. Let alone the fact that they shouldn’t have taken so long and should have done a better job to begin with.

This is why you’re going out of business. It’s not government taxes and regulations, it’s not the economy, it’s not the homeless. It’s your crap-assed customer service and your employees who don’t know their asses from their elbows.