Charlie’s Pit Bar-B-Que: B-plus

It’s important when eating barbecue to eat as much as you possibly can. Stuff as much food into your dumb gullet as you can without rupturing your stomach. Only when you’re bloated and nearly rolling off the chair and onto the floor can you truly appreciate the subtleties of good barbecue. When you think you’ve had enough, and you push your plate away slightly, go ahead and have one more bite.

As you might recall, I’ve been skewered here for my thoughts on Rudy’s, so there’s clearly some pretty passionate opinions about barbecue. And I might be losing the battle on high-fructose corn syrup. Rudy’s lists it as the main ingredient in its sauce, which I criticized. Fact is, it’s hard to find a sauce that doesn’t have HFCS. It’s a shame because sugar is better. I don’t know what’s in Charlie’s sauce.

One thing Charlie’s gets right is the laid-back and casual atmosphere. A genuine one. And excellent service.

Couple small things, though. No website, Charlie’s? What gives? I know you have one for the Manitou location, but is that one even still open? The Charlie’s we went to is on Fillmore a few blocks east of Nevada. So you need a more robust web presence and some info about your location(s).

Also, we used a coupon, and the Charlie’s people automatically included an 18 percent tip. We’re pretty good tippers, and we would have probably tipped at least 18 percent if not more (in fact, we did leave a few bucks extra even beyond the 18 percent). Automatically including the tip is tacky, and restaurants shouldn’t do it. At the same time, you’re getting a pretty decent deal with these kinds of coupons, so customers should realize this and be just as generous. If only the world worked that way.

At any rate, the food? Well, we ate a lot of it, so that ought to say something.

Charlie's Pit Bar-B-Que, Colorado Springs, Co.
Generous portions at Charlie's.
Chicken dinner at Charlie's Pit Bar-B-Que, Colorado Springs, Co.
The chicken dinner at Charlie's.
Chicken dinner at Charlie's Pit Bar-B-Que, Colorado Springs, Co.
Look how happy Adrienne is. No matter what's going on in her world, put a plate of barbecue in front of her, and she's a happy girl.