Chicago! Day Two

Chicago Day 2
Got up and went to The Bongo Room for breakfast. I’ve been before and couldn’t wait for these lemon raspberry pancakes.

OMG they are good. I didn’t want to eat something sooooo junky, tho, so I made Mike order them and I got a healthy veggie breakfast buritto.

Hee hee. We swapped half way thru breakfast so I could experience the goodness and he could not die of a sugar overload.

After breakfast we wandered around Wicker Park which is a fun little neighborhood full of cute shops, lots of bars, and yummy restaurants. We even went to an open house cuz we’re thinking about moving there next year, maybe. The townhouse we saw was really great but it was also $610,000. Sheeesh. Anyhow after that we went to Easy Bar and had a drink.

Then we went back downtown to Navy Pier and took a boat ride out in the lake.

Later that evening we went to Little Italy. I hadn’t been there or read much about it but I thought it would be like Little Italy in other big cities with lots of restaurants, bakeries, and bars. It wasn’t. There were only a few restaurants! We randomly chose The Rosebud cuz it was crowded and looked good. We needed reservations to sit in the diningroom but the bar was empty and had tables so we sat in there. It was fun cuz we got to see everyone coming and going. Anyhow we later found out that it’s a pretty old place. The owner owns lots of other places now but this was the original. There were lots of big parties. We saw some homecoming dance goers, some people who looked like they were there for a wedding rehearsal dinner, lots of family get togethers, a couple of dates. The food was REALLLLLY good. Tasted like being in Italy! I had a ricotta dumpling thing. I’m not sure if the dumplings were made of ricotta or the normal gnocchi deal but there was lots of ricotta in the sauce and it was baked and creamy and cheesy and sooooooooooooo good.

I didn’t finish it so I brought it back to the hotel (we had a little fridge in our room) and had it as a snack for two more days, hee hee. DM had spaghetti and meatballs. The meatballs were the size of my head.

Crazy! We also had canolli for dessert but I scarfed it before I remembered to take a picture of it. The last day we were there we discovered that another of the owner’s restaurants was in the lobby of our hotel! So we went down there for more canolli and coffee as a little mid afternoon snack.

I don’t remember what we did after dinner but it probably involved being rolled back to the hotel and into the bed.