Chicago! Day Three

Chicago- Day 3-5
Lunch at Chicago Pizza And Oven Grinder Company

The rest of the day was spent wandering around- we must have walked 5 miles a day when we were there!
Later I wanted a really good latte, but not from Starbucks. So we found Third Coast Cafe And Wine Bar on Dearborn near Division, maybe? I forget exactly where it is. Anyhow, the latte was only ok but DM got this apple pie, which was pretty good and this ice cream which was the best ice cream I’ve ever had. OMG it was GREAT.

The last day we went to Clarke’s Diner in Lincoln Park for breakfast. I was pretty much fooded out by then but I did eat most of this veggie omlette.

And the pancakes that came with it….:)

Dange had a patty melt with fries.
This place was good but it wasn’t at all as awesome as most of the other places we went.

Here I am being a tourist and getting my picture taken beside the Playboy building. Only it’s not as dorky as most tourist pictures beside the Playboy building. I did used to work for them afterall. And I’d never been there before!

Later we took an endless cab ride out to Feed. I read about it in a bunch of different places including the latest issue of The Best Of Chicago that came out last week. So we had to go. And it was really super good.

After lunch we took the bus back downtown and out to the Planetarium. There’s an island out there with really pretty views of the city and lots of nature.

There’s also a theatre out there- how excellent that would be to see a show out there! So DM had to do his best rock star impersonation.

That’s all! I didn’t bring my camera, so I just used DM’s the whole time. His is a big old SLR pain in the ass camera. Next time we go anywhere I’ll bring my little point and shoot and get lots more pics like I usually do.