Chicago Day One
We got into Midway about an hour apart then took the “El” into downtown where our hotel was. We were hungry and wanted a nosh so we went to Portillo’s for Chicago hot dogs. I got a good shot of DM’s chili dog:


My Chicago Dog pic didn’t come out. We were having trouble with the camera inside for some reason the whole trip. The dogs were delish of course! I even had a bite of DM’s even tho it had raw onions (my nemesis) on it. The chili was so hefty that I couldn’t even taste the onions, they just added a nice crunch.

Later that evening we walked over to The Signature Room Lounge AKA The Top Of The Cock (cuz it’s at the top of The John Hancock Building), for city lights, drinks, and more snacks. On the way over there were a million bicyclists in the street. I knew right away that since it was Friday night it was “Critical Mass”. I think CM started in SF which is why I know about it. At first DM was all curmudgeonly about it saying he’d run right over these people if they were blocking his car. I accused him of being a republican for that comment and he later changed his tune. Anyhow, he got some good shots of the group. Here’s one:

This is our $50 meal. It was worth it of course. The view is awesome, they sat us right at the glass and the drinks were really good, too. I had a chocolate martini which had chocolate sauce drizzled all over the inside of the glass. DM had a jack and coke. We also had some chicken strips (in that weird wire cone thingie) and a shrimp cocktail. YUM. It’s our anniversary week (one year, sheesh) so we sort of had a little celebration up there.

After dinner we walked around the shops of Michigan Avenue then down to Millenium Park and Grant Park to Buckingham Fountain then walked forever trying to find The Billy Goat Tavern of SNL fame and also of journalism fame which was fun for DM. I guess a lot of journalists go there after work and get all drunk and act all jaded cuz it’s right across the street from The Chicago Tribune building. Of course it isn’t actually right across the street. It’s on the lower level of Michigan Avenue. Why Michigan Avenue has two levels I do not know. We found it on accident after we stopped looking for it. DM wanted to go down these skeevy stairs to see what was under the street (lo and behold it was another street). After a couple minutes he wanted to go back up but I wanted to keep going to further investigate the skeeve. Then suddenly, there it was. And the street thing wasn’t all that skeevy. It just opens out to another normal street. I don’t have any pictures of The Billy Goat Tavern. I had their specialty drink which I can’t remember at the moment (hee hee) but I think it had vodka, lemon, and cranberry. DM had a couple beers and a “cheezborger”. Of course the people who worked there weren’t at all like the SNL thing. No shit, that skit is only like 30 years old, why would they be? Sheesh.
So that’s day one. Stay tuned for Days 2 thru 5.