Christmas light displays and free parking downtown

So I read in the Gazette about a couple of neat Christmas light displays so I thought we’d go out and see them and see if we could find some other noteworthy displays to tell you about. I had to drag Mike along but in the end he enjoyed it too. Since we’re downtowners, we stuck to downtown, except for one special display southeast of us.

We went all thru the Old North End between Uintah and Caramillo and Wood and Wahsatch. That whole area  has a lot of pretty lights and since they’re on pretty old houses, it’s even better. Very oldey timey and festive.

You’ve probably read about Margot and her trees, which are definitely worth seeing in the Old North End. You have to go this year because she’s moving in the spring and won’t be doing it again.

There’s also a small stretch of Caramillo between Weber and Wahsatch where every house is majorly lit up and they string lights over the street itself. Also worth a look. Very pretty and magical.

The Knull family at 1017 E. Dale Street is another one we read about. It’s very retro with animatronic dolls dressed as elves, miniatures carnival rides, and tons of lights. Super cute.

Finally, we went over to 2570 Nadine Drive to see The Pickett’s synchronized light display. You can tune your car radio to 97.5 and watch the lights move with the music. You’ve seen these kind of displays on the internet but if you haven’t seen one in person you should go to this one. It’s awesome! Be sure to stay until you see Carol Of The Bells and Trans Siberian Orchestra’s Wizards of Winter, which are the two most famous songs to synch lights to.

Please let us know in the comments about any other really great light displays we should see.

Also, if you haven’t finished your gift shopping, head on downtown. You can find lots of unique gifts and local products. Plus there are not the kinds of crowds you’ll encounter at the mall. AND you can get a coffee or a snack or an adult beverage at one of the many restaurants, bars, and cafes on the street before, during and after the shopping. Personally I like to do my shopping with a little bit of a buzz on. It’s very festive! Plus, this weekend and next there’s free parking at all the meters all day. Tejon is a very walkable street and the weather has been perfect. There are lots of little lights in the trees and it’s just really nice.