Colorado Springs Is Classy

Last night we went over to The Broadmoor for drinks (didn’t get any good pics of those but they were yummy- I had a chocolate martini). I heard it was all lit up for Xmas and it was! Really pretty outside and a bunch of Xmas trees, gingerbread houses, etc. inside. They have a nice bar there with a patio and an outdoor fireplace. It was about 20 degrees and there were lots of other people by the fireplace so we just stayed inside by the window and had a pretty view that way. We did go for a short walk out by the lake but it was too cold so we came back inside and hung out in the lobby by the huge indoor fireplace. It’s a really nice place to just hang out. There are several restaurants and bars and they don’t seem to care if you bring your drinks all around the place. Some guy was sitting there with his laptop so they probably even have wi-fi.