Colorado Springs Public Library and Evergreen Cemetery

Our house is for sale. It’s a fourplex right in downtown Colorado Springs, and we want to buy it. But the landlord is asking about $100,000 more than it’s currently worth. Doh.

Anyhow I was browsing around the public library website where they have a special collections area. I typed in our street name into the newspaper archives and lo and behold there it was. It was an article from 1936 about an estate sale of a prominent women who had died here at our address! So that got me all curious and I started doing more research on her. It’s pretty easy to do research here because the two libraries and a museum are only a few blocks away. The cemetery where just about everyone who’s ever died here is buried is only a couple miles away. We went to the library a couple times and then to the cemetery, and I’ve also been looking online. We’ve found TONS of stuff about this chick and about the neighborhood back when it first began in the late 1880s.  So, here she is. The first picture is from the Colorado Springs Daughters Of The American Revolution website.

The second is from a book about representative Colorado women that I found in the archives of the library at UC Berkeley of all places. As you can see from the text she was a typical Colorado Springs-ian! I wonder what she’d think about the current occupants, hee hee.  Have you done any research on your old house? What did you find? What were the original owners like? Are they different from you? Anyhow I’ll write more about her and our search sometime soon. It’s interesting as is but will be even more fun if we do ever get to buy the place. Ha Ha.

Here are the graves of Emma and her husband, Charles, in Evergreen Cemetery. They had no kids and no close relatives but were kinda famous here. Her obituary was on the front page of The Gazette when she died!

While we were at the cemetery we came across this reallllly old part! It’s a big field that’s probably full of graves but very few headstones remain and those that do are pretty wrecked up.

It’s a great part of Colorado Springs history and it’s a pretty place to hang out so you should go check it out.
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