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Sure I was skeptical. Who wouldn’t be? The fact is, some guy folds you up into an awkward shape, then jumps on you till things in your back pop like bubble-wrap. This is medicine?

No matter. It’s covered by my insurance, so I figure why not. See, I broke my stupid neck in a car crash a few years ago, and sometimes there’s pain and stiffness. I worried about a couple things. One: Will the chiropractor break my neck again and turn me into a quadriplegic? Two: There’s no Two. One is enough. Seriously, Doctor, don’t break my neck again.

Suggested by a coworker, Dr. James Whidden’s office at Complete Chiropractic is a little far away for my taste, but a recommendation’s a recommendation, you know? So I’ll trek up to the northland, a part of the city I try to avoid.

Turns out, it’s fantastic. It works. And get this: They have a massage place right next door with people who come in and give you a treatment so it’s covered by insurance, too. Nice.

Today was a St. Patrick’s Day special: An adjustment for only $17 and a free 10-minute massage.

Back’s feeling better, neck’s doing fine. Overall, a great experience. And a top-notch front-office staff.

So what do you think? Do you see a chiropractor? Think it’s a sham?

Complete Chiropractic
9420 Briar Village Point, Ste. 130
Colorado Springs, CO 80920

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