Since we bought this weird little trailer and wondered aloud on the Internet what it might be, several people have come forward with the same trailer.

It’s exciting. There’s the extra-knowledgeable and super-helpful Chris Springer in Tennessee; a commenter named Woody Toolmaker; a Kim in Iowa, who has a 140 model Play-Mor; the survivalist in the Colorado woods; and of course, us, the Oinkety people in Colorado Springs.

Seems to me like this is enough for a trans-America convoy (slow-moving).

Our trailer is coming along OK — still a lot of work to be done, but we’re enjoying it as-is and thinking about it as a “working trailer,” not a show trailer. He’s not some fancy-pants Airstream who lives all pampered in someone’s yard like a fat, silver poodle. No, this trailer goes into the woods.

We’ve changed the tires, greased the bearings, painted the interior, upholstered the cushions, removed the head-knocker shelf, replaced the “fridge” with a set of drawers, installed a “bathroom” and updated all the hardware inside. Still left to do is the exterior paint, trim removal and seal work, skin replacement on one side, undercarriage, and electrical. We’ll get there. Also, for anyone wanting some advice or information on fixing up these trailers, check out this forum, a veritable treasure trove of knowledge:

Meanwhile, here’s some pics — of ours and yours!

Kim's Play-Mor trailer in Iowa
This is Kim's Play-Mor trailer in Iowa. Seriously adorable. It's a 140 model, so it's a little smaller than ours, but it sure is a looker.


Chris Springer's Play-Mor trailer in Tennessee
Chris Springer's Play-Mor in Tennessee is virtually identical to ours.


The Oinkety Play-Mor trailer at Rampart Reservoir, Colorado
Here's the Oinkety trailer at Rampart Reservoir campground in Colorado. I'm relaxing with a cold beer after hauling in four fish with my new fly rod. Four. Fish. A glorious day.


The interior of our trailer
Here's the interior of our trailer, with the updated paint and upholstery. Curtains to come later.


Ten-four, good buddies. Oinkety over and out.