Cookies gone from downtown, and soon, no more pianos

The other day, we were walking downtown, and I wondered out loud how a store that sells cookies can survive. Are there enough people buying cookies to support an entire store that sells nothing but cookies? Sure seemed like a stretch.

Turns out running a successful cookie store is tough-going, and Mrs. Fields Cookies is closing down.

What’s going to take its spot at the highly visible corner of Tejon and Kiowa? Good question. The Gazette story says the building’s owners are in talks with “national tenants” about taking over the whole corner. Sheesh, hope it’s something good and viable. And, as much as I enjoy a good drink, we probably don’t need another bar on that stretch.

I’ve also wondered who buys pianos? How do piano stores stay in business? Sure enough, yet another downtown casualty: Pianos New and Used is also going out of business.

Bad news for downtown. Hate seeing businesses that can’t make it, but times change, and maybe pianos and cookies can’t survive by themselves. We’ll wait patiently to see what replaces them.