Costco: A restaurant review

For those of you wondering where to take your next date, consider Colorado Springs’ brand new Costco.

For under $5, you and your date can get a fine meal. And also, while you’re there, maybe even pick up 40 rolls of toilet paper and a 600-pound bag of dog food.

It’s a perfect place for those who want to avoid the eerily friendly chains like Applebee’s (HI! My name’s Jill, and I’ll be your server today. I’m also going to be your best friend for the next 45 minutes!) or the frou-frou wallet-killers like the Broadmoor.

My date and I each had a hot dog and a coke. And I was able to treat her to a dessert. Nothing but the finest for my lady. And the hot dogs were tasty. Better than most hot dogs. Not sure I cared much for the weird machine to grind out the onions and relish. But overall, Costco was a fine place to eat. Good food, cheap prices, and excellent bulk household items.