Cowboys is the Colorado Springs Gilley’s

We play this game when we’re out in the world: If we see someone who looks like a celebrity, we say, “It’s the Colorado Springs __________.”

Sometimes the celebrities are a little obscure (the guy in the blue hat — it’s the Colorado Springs waiter in that one movie with Tom Cruise with the racecar.) Sometimes the celebrities aren’t even celebrities at all. (OK. Standing by the door, with the boots. It’s the Colorado Springs my girlfriend in the eighth grade.)

The rules to this game are pretty flexible. Why am I telling you this? Because we’ve played this game all over the city, and by far, the best Colorado Springs celebrity-watching is at Tony’s and Cowboys. We’ve written about Tony’s before, but we haven’t said much about Cowboys. (Beware: Their website plays music. Ugh.)

I have a lot of mixed feelings about Cowboys. On the one hand, I can really appreciate a good country bar. On the other hand, Cowboys is only a country bar in name. It’s more like a country-themed regular bar. When Bret Michaels plays at your venue, and rap and dance music are on your playlist, you’re not a true country bar. But whatever. It’s fine. It’s also expensive. Drinks are pricey, and there’s usually a cover charge.

We went to Cowboys a few weeks ago to see the Eli Young Band. I go to these kinds of shows with Adrienne (grudgingly), and she goes to Motorhead and Black Sabbath with me (grudgingly). Relationships are about compromise.

Anyway, the Eli Young Band was enjoyable. High-energy. Personable. I’m a pretty tepid pop-country fan, but live shows are usually a good time.

Lead singer for the Eli Young Band, who played at Cowboys in downtown Colorado Springs
The Eli Young Band singer (the Colorado Springs Wayne Newton!)
Lead guitarist for the Eli Young Band, who played at Cowboys in downtown Colorado Springs
The lead guitarist (or the Colorado Springs Eddie Vedder).
Lead guitarist for the Eli Young Band, who played at Cowboys in downtown Colorado Springs
The bass player (far right) is the Colorado Springs guy from Midnight Oil

There were a lot of “celebrities” in the crowd, too. We saw the Colorado Springs Mickey Rourke, the COS Kendra (reality TV star!), the Colorado Springs Kenny Chesney. I interacted briefly with the Colorado Springs Angie Dickenson, whose view I was blocking. Sorry, Angie. The Colorado Springs Tiger Woods was there. And the COS Git-R-Done guy. All in all, a delightful, star-studded night. The crowd at Cowboys is younger, a lot of GIs from Fort Carson. A decent place overall.

And who are we in this game? Good question.

The Colorado Springs Julia Louis-Dreyfus
Adrienne is probably the Colorado Springs Julia Louis-Dreyfus
The Colorado Springs Bob Saget.
Me, I'm probably the Colorado Springs Bob Saget. Listen, we can't all be the Colorado Springs Brad Pitt.