Coyote’s Coffee Den in Penrose

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I’ve never understood the panini. Some people seem to enjoy them a great deal, and stores sell home panini-making grills (which look suspiciously like George Foreman grills). And every restaurant and cafe offers them. So apparently, the panini is a popular thing. The panini is like a regular sandwich, but pressed hard and flat. Because hard and flat is somehow attractive for food.

Anyway, I ordered one at Coyote’s Coffee Den in Penrose, where my girlfriend dragged me even though I was still suffering from The Plague. If I don’t understand the panini, you might wonder why I ordered one. Good question. Thanks for asking. I ordered the panini because I was confused by the many options. There were items in a glass case for sale, a menu behind the counter, and a menu on a specials board by the counter. There were at least four menus. I was confused and dizzy. I ordered in haste. But that’s OK because I like to give things a chance.

Turns out the panini was tasty. Not my favorite, because like I said earlier, hard and flat isn’t my idea of gourmet dining. But if hard and flat is your thing, this panini was delish. I ordered the Classic Italian. The ladyfriend had the tortilla soup, with cornbread, which she said was tasty as well.

The dining room.

Tortilla soup, with cornbread muffins.

The hard and flat Classic Italian panini. The potato salad was amazing, by the way.

So overall, I give the place a B+. Good food, good atmosphere. Decent prices. The two of us dined for about $12, not including tip.