Crepes Francaise is closed

Another downtown business has closed up shop. In this case, sad to say, you could see it coming.

We wrote about Crepes Francaise some time ago, and while we liked a lot about it, there were some things that just needed fixing, and some things needed some really creative solutions. The building, for example. It’s simply a terrible building for any kind of restaurant. And Crepes Francaise seemed to struggle a little with its identity. At some point, they put up a beer sign that made it look like a dumpy college bar. Which is it, a place to get a Budweiser or a nice French experience? Same thing seems to be happening to Il Postino — er, Springs Orleans.

Tough thing to have another downtown business close. I wonder what it will take to get something successful in that space.

Crepes Francais on Tejon has closed.
Though we saw it coming, it's still sad to see downtown businesses fold. Crepes Francaise was in a doomed space, and I'm not sure what could have kept it alive.