Dallas Day One and Kenny Chesney Concert

Dallas Airport: Hey, can you get me a soda, some chips….oh and an iPod? Thanks.

Breakfast at Lucky’s. Regional food! I ordered scrambled eggs, biscuits and grits. Grits are like polenta. Only these were really plain so it seemed like I needed to do something to them. But what? Polenta usually has cheese in it or you can go the other way with sugar and milk and stuff. But they didn’t bring any of that along with them so I figured you eat them plain? So for next time: what do I do with grits?

After breakfast we went to a cool antiques/junk store called Lula B’s in an area that was swarming with 20-somethings on some sort of pub crawl. We would have hung around but we were tired and needed to nap before Kenny. But of course we got lost. Mapquest blows. I stopped using it part way thru the trip and bought a regular map but it was also lame. Streets appeared out of nowhere and stopped abruptly, too. Next time I’ll get a name brand map and not some junky thing from a gas station (altho you’d think they’d have good ones at a gas station).

       Anyhow we finally got to the hotel. It looks soooooo cool from the pictures and it kinda was. But bad design abounds! It’s like they designed it with no concept whatsoever what people would actually use it for. The doors and walls to the BATHROOM didn’t go all the way to the ceiling. WTF? Why bother having a door and walls then? The remotes for the high tech heater and tv were something you needed an advanced degree in engineering to figure out and the music in the bar was louder than the music at the concert. It was a nice bar, too. Lots of fluffy chairs and couches and even some bed type seating. It was dark and lit in oranges and browns. But there was NO WAY to have an actual conversation. WTF again?!

  After our nap we headed over to the show. The people at the hotel said there were a bunch of fast food outlets on the way to the show. But there were none. There WAS however a sort of independent fast food type place where I had a delicious BBQ sandwich and DM had a couple of hotdogs. Yummy.

I finally decided on this outfit for the kenny show. I got it at Target. I thought it was pretty cute. The other stuff I bought will have to go back, tho cuz it turned out not to be cute.

Like my new boots?

We started out in the middle section but thought it would get too crowded up there and also wanted to be right on the stage so we moved. We should have just stayed, we would have had a better view. And since I didn’t get my map signed anyway there was no point to being right on the stage.

Here’s Leann at the main stage.

Here she is on the first tee stage (if we would have stayed here we would have had this view of Kenny the whole time)

Even she has to wear one of those ridiculous “I’m not pregnant but I look pregnant” blouses.

People around us kept commenting that her shirt was see thru. I took a bunch of pictures cuz I couldn’t tell at the time but I guess it does sorta look see thru. Ooooooh, scandalous.

Brooks! (or is it Dunn?)

Dunn! (or is it Brooks?)

Mean Kenny (see why I call him Mean Kenny here )coming up from the elevator thing he hurt his foot on last weekend.

More Mean Kenny.

Mean Kenny about to backhand a fan.

Mean Kenny looking drunk and high.

More Mean Kenny.

After the concert we went back to the hotel and I googled Whataburger to find one nearby. I FINALLY got a Whataburger Honey Chicken Biscuit! I’ve been wanting one for over a year and a half when DM used to live near one of their stores. They only sell them between 11pm and 11am and somehow we never were able to get there between those hours. But in Texas we did. It was soooooooooooooooooo good. OMG I’m glad we don’t have Whataburger here cuz I’d eat them every night. OINK.

More Dallas stuff later!