Dallas Day Three

First off we went to try and have breakfast at this place called Spiral but it isn’t open on Mondays. We even tried to go back on Tuesday but they didn’t open till 11:00. I didn’t research it ahead of time, we just drove past and it looked cool but as it turns out, apparently it’s a vegan place. Blech, glad we didn’t go. I’m down with vegetarian places but vegan places use wayyyyyyyyyyyyy too much fakey soy shit. As you know, I am NOT down with soy. ANYHOW, we had breakfast at the hotel restaurant which we wanted to try, too. It was pretty good. I had a veggie scramble with potatoes and biscuits. It was all pretty good. Not like super amazing but good. The tea they had there was super delish, tho.

DM had some kind of cheeseburger and fries. I tried the fries, they were just ok, too.

After breakfast we went back over to Dealey Plaza and to the Sixth Floor Museum. We’ve all heard all the conspiracy theories and maybe wouldn’t put it past the government or the CIA to kill the president (I know I wouldn’t) but it wasn’t until we saw the museum that we were really into the whole thing. They have a temporary exhibit of a dozen or so (maybe more) home movies of the day. Interestingly, only the one (Zapruder’s) actually shows the assasination. The rest of the people either photographed right up until the event, or somehow turned the camera off or pointed it away or some other suspicious thing so as not to capture the actual moments of impact. The people who took the movies either brought them into investigators or were forced to turn them over so god only knows what really went on. Crazy! We were so intrigued by this museum and the movies exhibit that we actually rented the movie JFK when we got home.

After this we wandered around downtown some more and hit up a couple of overpriced western stores.

Next we went to do some used clothing shopping. First stop House of Dang! I kept calling it House Of Dange. Hee hee. It was closed.

Then onto the Deep Ellum area where we had been the night before and saw lots of cool little shops. Of course, all closed. Why would they be open on a weekday? Sheesh, Dallas. We did find an open bar called The Angry Dog. It has won all sorts of “Best Of” awards so we stopped in for buffalo wings and gin and tonics and beer. DM had never had buffalo wings before! I had only had them a couple times, but from what I can tell, these were really good.

Went over to a couple more overpriced secondhand stores- at least these were open! Then down to the farmers market. We got there really late so it was pretty lame. DM bought an avocado and ate it in the car. This cracked me up so I had to take a picture of it. He also spilled some on the seat and we LOLed at what people would try to guess it was and how they’d never guess it was avocado. Again, guess you had to be there.

I’m sure we did some other things that afternoon but I can’t remember what. I’m sure we also napped. Then we went back across town to Norma’s Cafe cuz we heard it was awesome for pie. It WAS! It also looked awesome for everything else but we were really only hungry for pie, and even then, only slightly. I wanted banana pudding but they were out so I settled for coconut pie. It was not like any coconut pie I’ve ever had- for one, it had meringue on top which I normally hate but this was really good! Also it wasn’t all that creamy like from cream. But it was reeeeeeeeeeealy good.

DM had blackberry cobbler which was also good but not as good as the pie…:)

Later we went to a couple of Uptown bars. One called The Old Monk and this one, called The Libertine. As it turns out, we were really nearby where we were the first day.

I got pretty drunk and wanted to eat something before trying to go to bed and waking up sick so we went to an all night diner called The Pitt Grill.
It was really oldey timey and retro neat. There were only a couple other people in there. They had a great jukebox which I played and they seemed to appreciate. They were really nice and the food was delish.

DM had The Hobo Breakfast, LOL. OINK.

I had a BLT with fries.Of course it was excellent. I wish we had someplace like this in COS.

After sobering up we went out and tried to take nighttime pictures of The Texas Theatre which is where Lee Harvey was apprehended (don’t get me started). But I guess we need to read up on nighttime timed exposures cuz neither of us got any good shots. But across the street from our hotel was this super skeevy hotel with a cool sign so we took pics of that instead.

More on Day Four later!