Dallas Day Two

Sunday was Mike’s birthday! Checked out of the crazy hotel and wanted food! I had read that this place Bubba’s was the best fried chicken in Dallas so we wandered over there. When I saw it was “fast food” I didn’t want to go. Also I kinda wanted breakfast. So we parked the car and walked around but didn’t find anything better. As it turns out, it isn’t really fast food, just set up that way- you order at the counter and take it to your table yourself. But they serve it on real plates and with real flatware and all that. Plus OMG it was GOOD. I dunno about the best in Dallas since it was the only fried chicken we had (unless you count chicken strips which you know I had several of) but I wouldn’t be surprised if it was. We got a seat outside and oinked out. The rolls were the best ever. I don’t usually like dinner rolls but I wanted to take these home they were so good. And the chicken was good and fried but not greasy. The mashed potatoes were whipped perfectly and the green beans were super tasty, too.

Lots of these birds around. We wondered if they were mockingbirds. Anyone know? This one was particularly mean looking so we named him Kenny.

On the way back to the car, I saw this sign and it made me LOL for some unknown reason so DM went over and stood by it, making me LOL even harder. I dunno, guess you had to be there.

What Would Jesus Eat?

After lunch there was more driving and more getting lost, then checking into another cool hotel, The Belmont. This one was really cool, tho. But it was only about 3:00 and the bar didn’t open till 5. There was nothing much in the immediate area so we found a liqour store. Texas liquor laws are almost as absurd as Colorado’s (we have no alcohol sales at all on Sundays) at least in Texas you can buy beer and wine. DM bought me this FANCY wine and some 7-UP to recreate a childhood favorite (har) wine cooler concoction. DM got some beer

And we headed to the pool. We were the only ones out there. I napped for awhile and then went for a swim. It was very relaxing and nice.

After the pool and a nap I took DM to a nice BBQ dinner at Sonny Bryan’s downtown which is supposedly famous for BBQ. It was ok, it wasn’t like super amazing or anything. That area is pretty touristy so I felt lucky that we had a decent meal at a decent price so I was happy.

After dinner we walked around down by Dealey Plaza and got a humorous history lesson from an unofficial tour guide, complete with conspiracy theories and everything. We also gave him money.

Next we went over to a neat bar called Lee Harvey’s– it’s tiny inside but they have a HUGE outdoor area with picnic tables and giant firepits. And also, people brought their dogs! It was a full-on dog bar! Best of all, two gin and tonics was $4.50. Sheesh. Then we wanted to watch the hockey game on tv- Dallas was playing San Jose, so we searched for a bar that was playing it, to no avail. We did hit up one more bar that was sort of cool inside. We were the only people there. Two gin and tonics at this one were $4.00. Then we drove around a little more and went back to the hotel. DM wanted to see what the score of the game was so he turned on the TV to find that the game was STILL ON. It was in its 3rd overtime. It eventually went into 4 overtimes! And Dallas won at about 1:30 am after I had fallen asleep.