Day Trip to Denver

Friday we went out to the Nordstrom Rack near Denver. I got some cute outfits but some of it will need to be returned. I got this flowery jacket but I didn’t realize till I saw pictures of myself in it just how unflattering it is. Oh well, I’ve worn it for a couple days now so I guess it’s mine.

After The Rack we went up to Denver to the South Pearl Street neighborhood. It was cute with fun shops and stuff. DM wanted to stop into a costume store that was having a going out of business sale. I thought it would just be like cheezy Halloween costumes but it wasn’t! It was real costumes, like for plays and movies and stuff. I scored some AWESOME black and red cowboy boots for 10 bucks! They’re pretty thrashed but that’s how I like ’em. I was hoping to find a pair next week in Dallas but I guess I don’t need any now. You’ll see plenty of pictures of me in them on that trip I’m sure.

In Denver we mostly just drove around and looked at different neighborhoods to see where we might want to live if we moved there. We stopped for lunch at Chedd’s– which is a grilled cheese sandwich restaurant. I was timid and just ordered a mozerella with sun dried tomato pesto on sourdough.

DM was more adventurous and ordered the daily special which was horseradish havarti with pastrami and more horseradish. It was actually really good.

The menu was overwhelming and I was feeling rushed so I didn’t notice The Wild Garden sandwich or I would have ordered that instead. YUM.

After the sandwiches we went to a couple of secondhand stores and browsed around. I am unhappy to know that the 80s are back in full swing. Ugh. After that we went to Gabor’s and had drinks. It was only ok, I guess cuz it was still pretty early. I dared DM to have a shot of Lord Calvert whiskey but he wouldn’t.

Then we went to The Botanic Garden which was closed (lame) and was $10.50 to get into anyhow so we probably wouldn’t have gone in even if it was open. Then onto a free park with a lovely view and a dog party going on. We had a great time watching all the dogs frolic.

After that we made a stop at a cupcake store called The Shoppe (they also sell bowls of cereal) for cupcakes and coffees. Red velvet and cocount cream. They were really good. But I don’t think this place will last cuz it’s too specialty.

Then onward to more drinks! The Satire Lounge had a great sign and decent drinks. It’s mostly a Mexican restaurant and it smelled really good but we didn’t eat cuz we were still full from the grilled cheese and cupcakes.

A crazy guy who came stumbling out and muttering something incoherant as I was photographing the sign:

After that we were pretty tired so we headed on home.

Yesterday I had a photo shoot so even tho it was his day off, DM had to leave the house. He went out to some bar and watched hockey all afternoon then after my shoot we went to Cowboys, which had a cover charge and is on my nerves anyway because they insist on (a) not playing any Kenny ever and (b) playing a lot of stupid hip hop type crap. When I go there I always feel like singing that song “I didn’t come here to hear somethin’ thumpin’ from the city”. WORD. So we went to The Ritz instead and had a very civilized time drinking lemon drop martinis, gin and tonics, and eating chicken strips. The Ritz is always excellent. When we got there at about 9:30 the cover band was playing all 80s songs (again with the 80s) and a bunch of old chicks at the bar were groovin. I told DM that they had to be my age or younger, which depressed me cuz they looked all OLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLD. Middle age sucks. After an hour or so the old folks left and it started filling up with youngsters who had no use for the 80s cover band anymore (hello kids, the 80s is IN, didn’t you know?) so they switched over to DJ type music.

This morning we got up early and headed over to the cat show. Yea, the cat show. It was fun. We loved the cute kitties and of course, the wacky owners. They had a household pets category and we think CP would have swept it if he had been entered so we’ll probably enter him at some point. DM is looking forward to being one of those prissy cat show men who feed their kitty with a spoon and wipe their eyes and under their tails before the competition. When we got back home we practiced lifting CP the way they do in the show, and brushing him and stuff. He was all “what gives, where have you been, why are you acting like this?” Then ran off into the closet.