Family Vacation Part Three

On Saturday we went up to Buena Vista for river rafting. I didn’t take any pics cuz i didn’t want to get my camera wet. it was fun, tho!
Then we drove over to Gunnison- really pretty roads:

Gotta take pics of the cool old signs!

Dinner in Gunnison. I can’t remember the name of the place. I guess I better take notes or at least more pics. My brother had a Coors Light on tap.

I had a Jack and Coke

I love salad bars!

Look at all that cowboy grub:

I had flatiron steak, mashed potatoes and baked beans, it was excellent.

My brother had a bacon cheeseburger which he said was tasty, too.

The Dange couldn’t get the weekend off work so I just pretended he was there.

The next day we drove out to Ridgway, CO where we found a funky resort type place.
They had a great little bar with a beautiful view of the surrounding mountains.

And yummy drinks! Mom had a strawberry basil margarita or something, Dad and I had regular margaritas.

Then the kids showed up after spending some time in the private hot tub.

Brie cheese quesadillas.

Crab cakes.

Bison sliders.

Pretty rainbow, we had to take turns getting our pictures taken under it.

Later we went to True Grit Cafe

I had another margarita.

And a salad.

Nephew had fettucini alfredo with chicken.

I also had the bison meatloaf. It was all really good! But they were out of a whole bunch of things and had to keep coming back to tell us so. Then they didn’t take American Express.

Then they charged us 25 cents for a to go box. GIVE ME A BREAK. We called the manager over and bitched at her and she gave us a free slice of pie. Whatev. It’s still lame.

After dinner my brother and his GF went up to Ouray to get a drink (no bars in Ridgway)

Then we went in the hot tub!
More later!