Five Fun Things To Do This Weekend

This is a new thing we’re trying- we’ll give you five fun things to do this weekend. You let us know what you did and how it went in the comments section.

It’s supposed to be a really nice weekend and is even going to get to 70 degrees on Sunday, so go outside!

Bistro French Toast From Maggie Mae's

Breakfast at Maggie Mae’s at 2405 E Pikes Peak Ave. We always have tasty meals at this old-person restaurant. Seriously, we’re the youngest people in there by like 30 years whenever we go.  But old people know what’s good! I almost always have a basic breakfast of scrambled eggs, toast and hash browns and DM almost always has lunch! I’ve also had their French toast and it was really good, too.

Go for a walk at Garden Of The Gods. I know this is a no-brainer but when was the last time you went? I thought so. Bring a picnic lunch or go later on before dinner.

Garden Of The Gods, Colorado Springs
Garden Of The Gods, Colorado Springs

Go take some better pictures!

Have dinner at  Marigold.  And don’t forget dessert!

Espresso and Cheesecake at Marigold In Colorado Springs
Tiramisu In A Martini Glass At Marigold In Colorado Springs

Take a bike ride or a walk downtown and have some coffee at Starbucks. Sure it’s a chain but they sell the Sunday New York Times. You can pretend you live in a big city!

Walk around downtown and check out all the cute shops. My favorites are Sparrowhawk Cookware,  Terra Verde Boutique, and Poor Richards Bookstore, Then stop at one of the many bars for a beer and whatever sport is on the TV. We like Tony’s for sports, pitchers of beer,  cheeseburgers, and a relaxed yet lively atmosphere.

Tony's Bar, Downtown Colorado Springs

Have a great weekend!

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