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I started some seeds last month. They didn’t work as well as I would have liked last year and I was trying to get them to grow bigger faster so I got a light setup. Not sure it’s really making much difference, tho.

Here’s us at Tony’s-“Colorado Springs’ Worst Bar”

Their burgers and fries are awesome!

I had to go to L.A. for a shoot a few weeks ago. They bumped me off my flight and gave me a free ticket. So instead of hanging around the airport for hours, I made DM come back and get me and take me to breakfast at Sandy’s which is over by the airport.

I had french toast and it was really good. Very much like I’d make at home, which normally I’d just do.

More of the no knead bread. I still haven’t really found a recipe I like as well as the original one I made, I should just stick to that.

When I was in L.A. we all went to my brother David’s house for dinner.
David, my brother Brian, and Bri’s girlfriend Leeza. David and his GF Sarah made a really great meal which included miso salmon which was DELISH.

David and Dad.

Me doing some kind of weird dance.

The wine holder I gave Davey for Xmas — he probably hung it up 5 minutes before I came over.

One day I went to Zankou Chicken with Eddie. It’s a really great rottiserie chicken place with a Middle East flavor. Yum. There are several of them now. We went to the Burbank location.

Back in Colorado Springs I tried to recreate the miso chicken to no avail. Mine was NOT GOOD.

I redeemed myself with a really tasty chicken posole the next night, though. It was easy and really good. You should make it!

We switched out the futon we had with the one I brought from LA which happened to have a white cover on it. I think I like it better than the brown, what do you think?

We’re thinking of painting this room, maybe a tangerine or a light yellow. Consider these the “before” pictures.

Same here. I brought this armoire from LA. Not sure exactly what we’re going to do in this corner. Maybe move the TV, maybe paint the armoire, maybe paint the walls.

Ok, so I brought this bed frame from L.A. I really really liked it there and was looking forward to having it here. I also brought my rug from LA and put it in the livingroom so we put the rug that was in the livingroom into the bedroom. It keeps the room warmer, but I’m not sure I like how it looks. The whole room is starting to look a little cluttered.

I think I liked it better before (below). What do you think?

Last weekend we went down to Nosh for happy hour. We started out with drinks. I had some kind of rum thing and DM had some beer.

Then DM had french onion soup.

And I had squash apple soup, which was SO GOOD.

Then he had a little burger. Everything there is small, like tapas, sort of. But not Spanish. They call them “noshers.” It’s cute.

And some fries.

It was all very tasty. I have been there several times before because everyone loves it soooo much. I have always thought it was fine but never spectacular. We liked their happy hour menu, tho. And it was great this time. It was also much less expensive. In addition to happy hour, we also had a $10 coupon from The bill was $27, but without the happy hour and the coupon it would have been closer to $50. It was for sure worth $27 but I really don’t think it would have been worth $50. Sorry, Nosh, you’re good, but way overpriced.

After that we walked home.

It was a pretty evening and not too cold.

Another weekend we went to Jack Quinns. I had never eaten there before, it’s mostly a drinkin’ place. I was very happy that they have Strongbow cider there. I love hard cider.

I also had a really really good cheeseburger. DM had a reuben sandwich because we heard they were the best in town. DM thought it was good but not great. I also wasn’t able to get a decent picture of it.

Saturday was the downtown Colorado Springs St. Patrick’s Day Parade and I entered  it.
Before the parade I had some of my girls come over and have bagels and cream cheese, fruit salad, and mimosas.

The Chik Fil A float was staged right behind us.

I thought this was hilarious

The parade was lots of fun and there were about 30,000 spectators.

I grew some cat grass for my cats (and apparently for DM too)

And today I made chicken chili for lunch and it was super tasty. Along with some toast made out of yet another no knead recipe, I was set.

I did a bunch of touristy things with an outof town friend yesterday so I’ll post about that in a few days.