Green River, Utah

Poor Utah. There’s something kind of sad about Utah. Especially its beer.

But the terrible fact about Utah is that you sometimes have to drive through it to get somewhere else.

We consoled ourselves with wonderful (but expensive) cheeseburgers at Ray’s Tavern.

Ray's Tavern, Green River, Utah

If you're in Green River, Utah, and you need some food, you might end up here.

Ray's Tavern, Green River, Utah.

Ray's Tavern is ready for Christmas.

Ray's Tavern, Green River, Utah.

At over $8, the burgers at Ray's are a little pricey. But they're very tasty. The beer, though, is only OK. It's kind of cute that Utah even bothers to sell beer. Poor Utah.

Ray's Tavern, Green River, Utah

The girfriend says Ray's gets extra points for offering mayonnaise with the burgers without asking. I don't understand mayonnaise.

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