Halloween Weekend — what to do?

So much Halloweening to do here this weekend!  Here are a few things we’re considering.

Friday, November 29th:

Saturday, November 30th

Sunday October 31st

Sunday looks pretty bare as far as evening events,  but all the bars and clubs Downtown, in Old Colorado City, and Manitou Springs are open and people usually bar hop in costume (Adult Trick Or Treat! ) so that’s probably what we’ll do. Like on Saturday night, many of them are having drink specials, costume contests, and “mock rock” shows.  It’s supposed to be about 36 degrees so be sure to wear a coat over that sexy witch costume.

  • Lil_spitfyr

    halloween weekend!!! old colorado city/manitou springs, BAR HOP IN COSTUME, adult trick or treat,costume contests,bars,clubs,mock rock shows,drink specials, come out come out wherever u r… bwah ah ah ahhhh fun fun fun!! ((saturday night))