Happy birthday, Linda Webber

Mom’s birthday was the other day, so we took her to Nosh for happy hour. We’ve written about Nosh before.

We had three items from the food menu and some drinks.  Mom seemed to have a good time, and I’m glad she went with us.

Happy birthday, Linda Webber
This is my mom.
Mom and me in downtown Colorado Springs at Nosh
Mom's birthday at Nosh
We had some drinks at Nosh for happy hour
The pomegranate lemonade and a beer at Nosh

Adrienne had the Nosh Cosmo, but after tasting it decided it wasn’t her favorite, and one of the workers offered to switch it out for us. Very nice. Excellent service.

I had a beer — I can’t remember, some kind of ale — and a shot of Jim Beam bourbon. No complaints.

Mom had what’s called a Cuban Passion. I didn’t hear any complaints from her, either. Overall, a very nice time. Thanks again for going out with us, Mom, and happy birthday!