Health Department restaurant inspections available online

Nobody likes to be told what to do or how to do things. And we’ve all heard the complaints about the Nanny State or Big Brother and the job-killing regulations that businesses have to follow.

I find it kind of nice, though, that someone’s looking into restaurant kitchens and checking things out. You know how you know you’re not eating squirrel at your favorite restaurant? Because a government body told them they can’t serve you squirrel, that’s why. Oh, they wouldn’t feed me that, you’re saying. Wanna bet?

Imagine not having an agency that requires that food be cooked to certain temperatures, or not having anyone telling restaurant owners, hey, you shouldn’t have this trash bin overflowing into the sliced-ham bin. Imagine a world in which “clean dishes” didn’t have an objective definition. You really want to leave that decision to the teen dishpig in the kitchen?

Anyway, enough Big Government ranting. We have restaurants, and we have inspections. And here, those inspections are available in a searchable format online. Thanks, El Paso County. Thumbs up.