History lesson

There was a small spot on the wall where some paint had chipped. Looking closer at it (and maybe picking away some more paint), we found a floral pattern.

After a few minutes of picking, we got out the razorblade scraper and uncovered two layers of what we think is probably original wallpaper (1910) and a “renovation” wallpaper from the 1930s. Why do we think this? Good question. Thanks for asking.

  1. Original looks Victorian, and since our home was built right at the tail end of that era, it’s not unreasonable that they’d use that style of wallpaper.
  2. The old newspapers we found in the wall are from 1928, which leads us to believe that there was some remodeling done then. So it would make sense that the second layer would have been done about that time.

Ever peel off skin after a sunburn? It’s some seriously addictive work, and the joy when you get a particularly large piece is indescribable. And what started out as a small peeling ended up being nearly an entire wall. What we’ll end up doing with it is still a decision we’ll have to make. We’ll probably end up having this one corner of the room preserved like it is, with the vintage wallpaper, then paint the rest.

Wallpaper in our new home.
Wallpaper from, what, 1910ish?
Wallpaper we found in our home.
The blue floral print is the second layer, from 1930s or so. We're just guessing, though. Could be anything.