Home Cookin’- How to eat healthy for cheap

Sometimes when people see how piggily we eat, they ask “how come you’re not 300 pounds?” Well, I’m not exactly skinny. But ok, I’m not 300 pounds. It may seem like we are piggier than we actually are. We eat pretty healthy at home. In fact, since January, we’ve been on this new eating plan. Mike has lost 12 pounds! I have not. Of course. But I HAVE saved 30% on my grocery bills. Basically we eat a very large but light meal in the early afternoon. Then at night we have something light like soup or a sandwich. Our lunches consist of a big salad, then either some chicken, or eggs/fritatta, or a pizza, or some pasta/lasagne, then some sides like sauteed or steamed veggies/potatoes/beans/cheese, and always fruit. We almost always have a glass of wine, too. A SMALL glass of wine.  I’ll go into more details about each thing in the future, but for now, here are some pictures of what we’ve been eating.