Huzzah! A place for warriors (and gardeners)

I think learning is important. During the ho-hum course of our daily lives, there are so many opportunities for knowledge, but we have to be open to receiving it.

Here’s something I learned recently: Apparently, garden shears are not for cutting metal lath behind plaster bathroom walls. Interesting. Something else I learned: Apparently, a red set of scissor-looking things that seemed like they might be pretty good at cutting metal lath (they were, by the way), are not just ordinary garden shears. Oh no. These were Felco Pruners, and they “will change your life.”

But the most important lesson of all from this is that when you need something sharpened or if you need to buy a sword or some throwing stars, the Prince of Blades in Old Colorado City probably has what you need.

The guy sharped the Felco Pruners in about 45 seconds for only $5, and they’re good as new. Better than new, he says, because the originals aren’t as sharp as they used to be right out of the box. So there’s that. Sharper than new.

And the store, while small and strange, is like every teenage boy’s dream: battle axes, throwing stars, nunchaku, swords of all types, from your basic medieval longsword to your handcrafted ninja sword, armored helmets. I might have even seen a Bat’leth in there. My guess is that sharpening pruning shears is a real let-down for The Prince.

Whatever. Go there. Even if it’s just to browse.

Prince of Blades in Old Colorado City can help
Are you a Norse warrior who's having trouble vanquishing his enemies? Are you hacking two, three, maybe even four times to sever the head of your rivals? Maybe you need your blade sharpened at the Prince of Blades in Old Colorado City.