Il Vicino and Phantom Canyon, root beer floats

For lunch the other day we went to Il Vicino. It’s a yummy woodfired pizza place. It’s a chain, there are lots of them, but it’s good. Even better we had a coupon from The Indy so we got one of the entrees for free.

I love their pizzas but I always have them so this time I tried a sandwich (panino spuntino). It was good but I should have had a pizza!

Penne alfredo at Il Vicino

DM had the penne alfredo which was also baked in the oven. MMMMM. Now THAT was tasty! There’s nutritional info on the website but I’m scared to look at it!

If we ever go for dinner, I’ll have a glass of wine. It looks good and well priced. I think my days of drinking during the day are over, though, which is why I didn’t have any this time. Boo hoo, poor me.

We were also too full for dessert but wanted to bring some of their root beer home to make root beer floats later. But they were out of the to-go jugs. Doh.

Luckily Phantom Canyon is right around the corner. They also make their own root beer. We got a growler of it for like $9 including the jug.


Got any other places you like for their house-made root beer? I hear you can also make it yourself at home. Have you ever done this!?
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