Josh & John’s Naturally Homemade Ice Creams: B-minus

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Yes, Josh & John’s, we get it: You’re gourmet. Good for you. But $5 for a milkshake? I didn’t realize we were in “Pulp Fiction.”

Look, it’s hard to go wrong with ice cream. I know a lot of people will disagree, but it’s true: Ice cream is a tasty treat whether it’s from fancypants Josh & John’s or Carl’s Jr.

And there was no whipped cream or cherry on my shake. No whipped cream? No cherry? Come on, Josh! Come on, John! What gives? And serving the shake in a Styrofoam cup? Since you’re so into the “all-natural” ingredients and premium quality, I figured you’d be socially responsible and use a glass.

But then I guess the shake’d cost $7.

Regardless, it’s outstanding ice cream, no question. Very tasty. And it’s right downtown (even though they have another location up north, too). I’ll be back, but I have to get a second job and start saving up first.

Josh & John's
A cup of chocolate-peanut butter ice cream.
Josh & John's in downtown Colorado Springs
The very colorful and playful Josh & John's in downtown Colorado Springs.
Chocolate shake
A $5 chocolate shake in a Styrofoam cup. No cherries. No whipped cream. Very classy.

Here’s an article The Gazette wrote about the Josh & John guys a few years ago.