Just a Quickie with only one picture!

This week I showed my mom’s friend Richard around Colorado Springs.  We did a bunch of stuff but I only have one picture! I fully intend to go back out and do these things again sometime so I’ll get pictures then. The weather was nice, it was about 50 degrees. It was a little overcast for part  of the time but later on the sun came out and it was pretty.

First we went to the Van Briggle pottery studio.  They’re a famous oldey timey pottery place but I’d never been before. They make vases and all that as well as tiles and stuff. Many of the big old homes here  have Van Briggle fireplaces and it’s a big deal. We got a tour of the studio which was neat and of course interesting to me seeing as how I’m a ceramics maker and all that (hee hee). Richard bought a piece because he collects it, as well as some stuff for his friends in Canon City.

Then we went to Rico’s for lunch.  Richard had an avocado cheese sandwich and I had some veggie quiche and a
side salad. It was delish.

Then we drove over to Old Colorado City.  You know, it’s that  historical area with all kinds of neat old buildings. We didn’t get out of the car, but it was fun to look at the old buildings from the car.

Then we went up to Manitou It was odd. Manitou is kind of odd.  He liked the old downtown. We didn’t get out of the car again, tho.

Then we drove thru Garden Of The Gods.  It was late afternoon and the light was really pretty. We stopped a few times to take some pictures.

After that we went to Sodo (South Of Downtown) to Shugas which is a cafe/bar in an old general store building. It’s really neat. We had yummy coffees and cakes. I had double chocolate cake and he had almond butter cake. Here’s the one and only picture I took that day.

After that we drove thru the Old North End Historic Preservation Overlay Zone to look at all the old mansions.

We wanted to do a couple other things but ran out of time.  Maybe next time!