Living Social is a scam

I’ve used Living Social coupons in the past and even recommended that you use them. But today I have changed my mind.

I get them for several cities, including Oklahoma City. This morning I got one for a Flirty Girl Photography there. Whenever I hear about female photographers in other cities, I look them up. Pink Kitty Studios is always looking for freelance photographers to help us out in other places.

So I looked this girl up and what did I see? Several of MY images on her site. Not only on her site, which is really just a blog, but also on another site that featured her photography (the Oklahoma City version of The Knot — I’ve emailed them, too).

You can see them, too if you want to: and

And then you can see the originals here:

Anyhow I attempted to call Living Social, and the number was disconnected. That is not a good sign. What if you had trouble with a coupon you bought (anyone who buys the one for Flirty Girl Photography will have a problem with it!).

Anyhow, I cannot recommend Living Social anymore. Between them obviously not vetting their merchants and having no phone number to call, they are starting to seem like a big old scam.