Maiden voyage!

We thought it would be fun for my birthday to take the trailer on its first trip, so we loaded everything up and headed to my favorite fishing spot, Deckers.

The trailer wasn’t 100 percent completed yet, but we decided to give it a shot anyway. A test run, if you will. We also looked at it as an opportunity to see how everything works and to see if there’s anything else we need to do. It was also an opportunity to test out my new fishing rod, the Sage Vantage 590.

A few things we learned:

  1. Tying the leader to the tippet is kind of hard. I kind of caught a fish, but when the knot failed, so did the catching of said fish. Next time, fish. Next time.
  2. There’s a bunk bed in the trailer that has to go. We bumped our heads no fewer than a dozen times on this damn thing, and so the next time I’m around it with a screwdriver, it will be removed. Storage be damned!
  3. In the woods, cupcakes are better than real cake.
  4. Flushing the Sanitation Equipment Visa 248 Deluxe Portable Toilet took some getting used to. Good thing nobody had to poop.
  5. When debating about whether to turn the heat on, in freezing weather, it’s probably a good idea to just go ahead and turn the heat on.
Getting the trailer hooked up
Hooking up the trailer is pretty easy. It's light, so it's adjustable by hand, and also, I am superb at backing up.
Travel trailer interior
The top bunk, where the blankets and pillows are stored, is really just a place to knock your head. It's going to be gone soon.
Interior travel trailer
Adrienne built a nest at the front of the trailer while I was out fishing. Comfy.
I built my nest in the trailer soon after landing.
I enjoy a good nap, too. This is my nest, on the other side of the camper.
Happy birthday
No, this isn't the Blair Witch Project. It's me and Adrienne, with light from my birthday cupcakes!
Birthday cupcakes, 2011
Adrienne made awesome cupcakes for my birthday. They had coconut and sprinkles. Perfect.
Birthday cupcakes, 2011
Despite the warmth of the birthday candle on my cupcakes, I still needed a hat (made by my friend Andrew Long, who chose journalism instead of hat-making for some reason).
After dinner and the cupcakes, we played cards by candlelight. Adrienne also wore a hat, but it was store-bought.
After dinner and the cupcakes, we played cards by candlelight. Adrienne also wore a hat, but it was store-bought.
Travel trailer maiden voyage, 2011
Mmmm. Salad.
Travel trailer maiden voyage 2011
For dinner, Adrienne made a LOT of food. Here's the corn. We thought we'd have a camp fire, but with fire restrictions, we had to make everything in the oven. Turned out great.
Birthday trip to Deckers, Colorado, 2011
In addition to the corn, we also had chicken and mashed potatoes.
Camping trip, Deckers, Colorado
One of the nicest things about camping at Deckers is that the water is right at the site, so you can hear it always. It's very soothing.
Camping trip, Deckers, Colorado
This is an OK way to spend a birthday.
Camping trip, Deckers, Colorado
Our campsite, right on the water.
Camping trip, Deckers, Colorado
The Jeep pulled the trailer pretty well. Some slight sluggishness on the hills, but you know what? Go around me, Mr. Fast-Pants.
Camping trip, Deckers, Colorado
Morning coffee at the campsite in Deckers.
Camping trip, Deckers, Colorado
Dinner at Deckers, with chicken, mashed potatoes, corn, chips and wine.
Camping trip, Deckers, Colorado
The trailer. Still needs a little bit of a paint job, but for a 40-ish-year-old trailer, he's looking pretty good.
Camping trip, Deckers, Colorado
The stove presented a little bit of a challenge. The oven has a pilot light. What about the stove? We couldn't find a pilot for it, so we just lit the burners as needed. Everything worked great, though.
Camping trip, Deckers, Colorado
The cushions came out great, too. Now if someone would just fix that floor.
Camping trip, Deckers, Colorado
The light blue worked a lot better than the dark brown. Should have used a glossier paint, though, which would have been easier to clean. Lesson learned.