Metropolitain (CLOSED), Mountain Shadows, Colorado Springs

Last week we went to Metropolitain (Those girls from the website weren’t there, heh). But the bartender seemed to like DM and gave him a whole mess of whiskey tastings!

Pretty sunflower along a bike ride.

Mountain Shadows Restaurant which was only OK.

The cats helped DM fix my car window.

I made some white bean dip, homemade pita chips and veggies. And caipirinhas of course.

Also heirloom tomato and fresh corn salad which was SO GOOD.

And roasted spiced nuts and olives.

DM’s mom came over and had some with us.

Making pizza. DM tossed the dough! it didn’t really work tho because there wasn’t enough of it. I had made that no knead bread and baked half of it and thought I’d use the rest for pizza dough. It didn’t toss well but it was really good.

Fresh tomato, garlic, basil, mozerella, and parmesean with olive oil.

And carmelized onion, chevre, basil and olive oil. They were both delish.

One morning I decided to make an omlette. I was too chicken to flip it so DM did. That’s chevre inside and basil and tomatoes on top. Really tasty.

DM’s mom went to Puerto Rico and brought back a few bottles of rum. LOL. Seriously.

I don’t know why I took this picture of PJ, but here it is. He drinks water out of two glasses. That’s the only way he’ll drink it. He has chronic renal failure so we pretty much let him drink however he wants to.

I made a bean and tomato soup. But apparently beans don’t cook well here at this altitude (usually I use canned) and it took like two days to cook!

It’s been sort of fall like here so yesterday morning we opened the window when we woke up and sat here and drank tea.

Of course PJ wanted to get out.

Last night I made mai tais and we watched Mad Men. I wanted to make something with some of that rum and that was also retro. I didn’t realize we would have amnesia from them.

But we did. Neither of us remembers the nachos. I made them out of some left over prime rib from The Ritz and the usual tomatoes, salsa, sour cream, green onions, cheese, and peppers. Glad I took pictures!

A horrible squirrel bit the head off one of my sunflowers and scarfed it down! WTF squirrel!

Homemade waffles.

Ok so our deck is kinda cute but there is not nearly enough sun on it to grow tomatoes. I finally faced that fact and moved them out to the junk yard (junk yard chic?!). I don’t think there’s enough time left for them to amount to much but we’ll see.

Some of the stuff on the deck is doing ok.

I love it when plants are friends. Here the morning glory has weaved it’s way over to the sweet pea trellis and then the nastursiums went over and hung on, too.

Herbs. Part of why nothing is very big is because I started it all with seeds (a few things were started with plants) and the season is just not long enough for that here. I think I can bring the herbs inside when it gets cold and maybe they’ll do ok.