Mountain Brew Espresso: B

Have you been here? Have you ever even seen it? I noticed this hidden little coffee-shop/sandwich shop back when I had to visit the probation office next door (long story). I always said: I should go in there sometime. Well, I finally have.

First of all, the offerings are cheap: Only two items are over $4.50. And they don’t skimp on the portions, either.

I had the egg-salad sandwich with macaroni salad and a Pepsi, which came in a can.

Mountain Brew Espresso
The egg-salad sandwich, with macaroni salad at Mountain Brew Espresso

Note that the macaroni salad had peas in it, which I thought was delicious. And the sandwich had onions, tomatoes, cucumbers and lettuce. I should have had it on the rye bread, but that’s just the way things go sometimes.

The girlfriend had the chicken-salad sandwich,which was very tasty. The potato salad was nothing special. Not bad, but not great. Just your average potato salad.

Chicken-salad sandwich at Mountain Brew Espresso.
The chicken-salad sandwich at Mountain Brew Espresso in Colorado Springs.

Overall, good food, good prices, run by very nice people. But no Web site? You can’t have a business today without a Web site. I need to see a menu, the hours, the location. Businesses need Web sites. (Their menu says they have a Web site, but it’s not up, so maybe they’re working on it. Hope so.)

And the hours. I am always wishing places stayed open later, so maybe it’s just me. But closing at 4:30 just seems silly.

Oh, and another thing: They don’t take credit cards. Big points off for that. I’ll never understand businesses that don’t make it as easy as possible for me to spend money. It’s strange.

Mountain Brew Espresso
115 E. Kiowa
Colorado Springs, CO 80903

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